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  1. hi guys, I have X58A-UD3R. I used X58A-UD7 and everything worked well - lan, sound, video ,,,. However, there is only ONE core showing up in ACTIVITY MONITOR, even though in SYSTEM PROFILER shows 4 cores. Any ideas??? X58A-UD3R 6G OCZ 1600 GFX285 i7 920 @ 4.00Mz
  2. sucosaigon

    SMBIOS Final Cut Pro Fix

    this is what i use. boot.zip
  3. sucosaigon

    SMBIOS Final Cut Pro Fix

    hey macwanabe, how about this! I used chameleon rc2 but don't remember which "boot' is used. I never use DSDT, run vanilla, and only have fakesmc and openhalrestart. kexts in E/extensions folder. Try to use my smbios,kext. also use kext utilities to fix permissions and then place a new extensions.mkext in Extra folder too. Good luck.AppleSMBIOS.kext.zip
  4. sucosaigon

    SMBIOS Final Cut Pro Fix

    I have the same problem if I use 64 bit kernel, but work well in 32bit. Do you guys use 32 or 64bit kernel?
  5. sucosaigon

    FinalCut No Longer Works

    itmandan, what did you do to let COMPRESSOR working?
  6. sucosaigon

    FinalCut No Longer Works

    itmandan, did COMPRESSOR work for you? OR did it happen to you after installing COMPRESSOR? It happens to me until now. For me, I just uninstall COMPRESSOR. That's it.
  7. it happened to me. Finally I made it work. Just deleting all files and folders of COMPRESSORs (go to FINDER, type COMPRESSOR, and delete all) That's it. all Final Cut studio 5.1 works almost perefctly for me, except COMPRESSOR. Each time I install it, it stop FINAL CUT. Hope it's helpful.
  8. sucosaigon

    DVD Studio 4.1 Universal - Problem

    I did. I have no problem with DVD pro 4.1 and Sound Pro and imovie HD6. I installed everything out of box, no editing anything; but still no hope for Final cut and emotion. OS X86 10.4.6 Pentium 4 3.0 1G Ram Powercolor x1600xt motherboard MSI 925xe platinum
  9. I have ATI x1600xt. It supports QE & CI. I have no problem with other program, except Final Cut Pro because my card is recognized as PCI. not AGP or PCIe. that is why I cannot run this program. (system requirement for this is AGP or PCIe). Do you know how to let my video card be rcognized as PCIe? (I tried to search, but no solution)