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  1. ALSA Sound's /proc entry from SLAX on my GA-EP43-UD3L was on codec#2, and shows up as address 2 in the codec dump; might that have anything to do with it? codec_dump.txt
  2. AppleHDA Patcher Results

    Computer Type: PC (Gigabyte GA-EP43-UD3L) Sound Card Vendor: Realtek Sound Card Model: ALC888 (ICH10) Vendor Id: 0x10ec0888 Subsystem : 0x1458a002 Revision : 0x100001 Working: Nothing Not Working: Rear Panel: 2/4/5.1/7.1-Channel Out, Stereo In, SPDIF In/Out; Onboard: Stereo In/Out Patcher Version used: 1.2.0 System Version: Leopard 10.5.2 Sound is currently working using Vanilla AppleHDA.kext and M50SVALC888ST.kext, but I get a pop before I hear any sound. The board seems to be very temperamental, it doesn't like to boot Ubuntu or Knoppix. I got my dump from SLAX. One thing I wanted to note from the dump is that the dump came from /proc/asound/card0/codec#2, there was no codec#1. Sound was phenomenal in SLAX. I hope this feedback can help us both, thanks for what you've done for the community. codec_dump.txt PatchLog.txt M50SVALC888ST.kext.zip
  3. I've been trying several methods to get an installation on my GA-EP43-UD3L, and this method as well causes a kernel panic at about 75% of the way through the DVD installation. Any reason why this might be happening? I'm wondering if it does it when it tries to access the end of the disc, because if I burn a full burn, it does the same thing. GA-EP43-UD3L 8GB DDR2 800 (4x2GB) GeForce 7900GS Syba 1394 Netgear 311T PCI Wireless
  4. Enabling Write on Windows Harddrives

    You can also get Paragon-NTFS.
  5. DFE's BOOT-132 Resources Thread

    I'm trying to throw one together for my GA-EP43-UD3L, my Kalyway 10.5.2 install from my previous P5LD2 seems to work, I just had to get AppleHDA.kext from the DVD, and then toss in M50SVALC888ST.kext, everything else worked. P35.iso kernel panicked at about 90% of the vanilla Leopard install, and I'm going to try the P45 Extensions, dump the hack AppleHDA.kext and add M50SVALC888ST.kext, but since my original board was the P5LD2, I may opt to see if the 945+ICH7 files work with the vanilla AppleHDA.kext and M50SVALC888ST.kext. The fact that it works with my previous Leopard install tells me there is a way to get it to work.
  6. I don't know if you ever figured this out, but try using the vanilla AppleHDA.kext from the DVD using pacifist, then drop the attached file in Extensions using Kexthelper, and restart. I get a little crack when I start using the ALC888, but otherwise I get use of all the ports on my GA-EP43-UD3L, and it sounds clean. Unfortunately, I can't do a vanilla Leopard install I'm using my previous install from my P5LD2 (I wanted to quadruple the RAM limit). Aside from having to fight a bit to get the sound to work and the restart problem, the board is working out alright with this install. M50SVALC888ST.kext.zip
  7. Intel Wireless driver

    I get the same result using the GUI or CLI, I can scan, see networks, and attempt to join, but then the card turns back off when trying to join. :censored2: I'm going to try the latest SVN for the 2200bg. Update: The latest SVN worked. Online--at my own risk.
  8. Best motherboard for 10.4.8

    I've had considerable success with the P5LD2-VM, but yours is cheaper, and I'm now looking for a mother board that supports >4GB of ram, and isn't too much of a pain in the butt.
  9. Intel Desktop DP965LTCK problem!

    You might have to pass flags to tell it to boot off of the DVD drive, it's probably thinking that your drive isn't the very first ATA drive, so it won't see it. If that works out, and you get it installed, you may have to permanently modify your boot options to get it to boot from the proper hard drive as well. Here's a thread with several other ideas about this. http://forum.insanelymac.com/lofiversion/i....php/t5789.html
  10. About This Mac Screenshots

    This is my favorite kind of thread. I've always wanted to be able to show of my Mac, for now, it's the Mikeintosh.
  11. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    That happened to me, I don't know what could fix it, to make the sound work, but you can make that stop happening by holding F8 at boot, and going into single user mode (-s), then use the command that is specified there to mount the drive with read/write privileges, and rm -rf /System/Library/Extensions/AppleHDA.kext. That will let you get past the error, but then you won't have an AppleHDA kext to load, which results in no sound. I'm certain my problem came from applying the patch to a system without 10.4.8, like it said to.
  12. I'm trying to get to where I can pass flags at boot time, and I don't even know how to get Darwin to prompt me for them.
  13. Vista: Complete

    Wait my . The MikeIntosh just got updated to 10.4.7.
  14. Cheap capture on G5?

    The Canopus 110 Firewire is 219 at Newegg. A MiniDV Camcorder with decent quality and the correct ports would probably be ~$50-$100 more, just make sure the A/V cables can be used as inputs also.
  15. Snapz Pro X now Universal

    Ahh, it's the Mac equivalent of Camtasia. Great stuff, thanks.