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  1. macOS High Sierra 10.13.4 is out

    Thank you all now with InjectATI my DP port is working but....now I have no sound!!! I would like to use sound via DP but....can you help me? I updated the WG ....and....wait...where are the usb drives???? ok...all usb drives are vanished!!!! so 2 more problems....usb and sound!
  2. macOS High Sierra 10.13.4 is out

    UPDATED but....extremely big problem...my rx580 now doesn't work with displayport only hdmi....and my monitor needs display port to work properly... somebody has suggestions?
  3. macOS HighSierra 10.13.3 released

    thank you but after few trials it's working!!!! I have 10.13.3 now and clover has "install from.. " no more
  4. macOS HighSierra 10.13.3 released

    i can't update. tryed combo update, tryed app store...no joy... still in 10.13.1
  5. getting laptop lcds to work......

    I got a sony vaio fe series and I can't use my internal lcd monitor...with natit or nvinjectGO or other, when my 7600go is recognized works only the external monitor.....It's a big issue for me and the other vaio's users
  6. Display on SONY VAIO SZ-series

    what did you do? I got a fe series with geforce 7600 that goes black when the card is recognized and works only external monitor....maybe you can help!
  7. SUPPORTO GeforceGo e Geforce con QE/CI

    ragazzi io con la .1.3 e con leo ho lcd black e vga ok.....ma io ho un vaio...... TROVATE UNA SOLUZIONE PLEEEEAASSEEEEEE!!!! siamoin tanti con questo problema.... se vi serve l'edid del lcd ve lo posso dare...
  8. GeForce Go 7600

    I tryed with leo....and nvinject for leo.....same black screen........it's so sad!! EDIT!! with last nvinject for leo I have external monitor up and running... 1280x1024 with qe and ci !!! xbench scores 109 with disk test...and our disk is 4200rpm...... BIG NEWS...now....we need internal!!! p.s. the external is connected in vga, there a strange thing...I set 60hz and the image is a bit larger of the screen, if I correct manually the clock to 50 via lcd's panel control is ok....maybe it helps....
  9. I also tried with leo and nvinject 0.1.3 the last one for leo however...and.......blackscreen as usual!!!! geforce 7600go 0398 10de code. I used smbios.kext from patched one for tiger and I didn't reboot finder anymore when I go to about this mac. I have intel pro 100ve for lan and is working... I don't have audio, video and wifi. I don't have camera too when xxx recognizes it even in installation.... EDIT: EUREKA!!!!!!!!! WITH nvinject for leopard, last version for nvram I have external monitor up and running with QE and CI !!!!! I think this is a big news for everybody.....keep workinG!!!!! now I need internal monitor, audio and wifi
  10. New MacBooks

    but they have still the combo drive for the entry level config?? it sucks!
  11. GeForce Go 7600

    manmal: unfortunately no! only 1024x768 and no qe and ci.....I'm pissed!
  12. Schweppes: as I said...I tried everything it always go to black screen....I see the hard drive led working...but don't see nothing even in external monitor..... PLEASE !!! HELP!!!
  13. I tried all iso's but my 7600go is not supported...is it in yours? I got a sony vaio and I would like to run osx wi qe and ci...and right resolution....
  14. SUPPORTO GeforceGo e Geforce con QE/CI

    io ho provato anche cosi'.....ed e' sempre schermo nero possibile che sta 7600go proprio non ne voglia sapere? eppure sembra che con lo schermo nero lui comunque carichi....non e'magari che va a 1400x900 e il mio va solo a 1280x800?
  15. Sony Vaio fe41z and black screen with 7600go

    thank you very much.....I think I will sell it ....for a macbook