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  1. Displays in System Preferences will not open

    XploRa: May I ask how exactly you fixed it?
  2. Displays in System Preferences will not open

    Hey, I have the same problem, together with all toolbar icons missing. Did you by any chance install the 3rd-party Combo-Update?
  3. DP4 - Graphics Problems

    I have a simular problem: Ever since upgrading from DP1 to DP6, Quicklook doesn't work, I get weird graphics errors, can't access Spotlight on my second screen and oh yeah, all my default toolbar icons are gone (in Finder, Xcode, etc.) Running DP7 now on a GIGABYTE Z68XP-UD4 with a XFX AMD 6870 GPU, using CloverEFI and a MacMini 5,1 SMBIOS. Anybody got a solution?
  4. HD6870

    antaeus: What version of Chameleon are you using? You should be using r1820.
  5. ALC 883 on P5N-D again

    Apparently it didn't work, so it checked out the AppleHDA.kext patching thread but verbit doesn't work (gives me a "ERROR: This doesn't appear to be an alsa codec dump file " error). Can somebody patch me a AppleHDA.kext with the attached codec dump made directly from Ubuntu? Tobias ALC883.txt
  6. ALC 883 on P5N-D again

    I'm guessing that both of our motherboards use exactly the same audio chip, so I'll try that tomorrow.
  7. Hey guys, So I decided to bite the bullet, and since I already had access to it anyway, installed Mountain Lion on my hackintosh. Everything works, except my audio. I have an ASUS P5N-D motherboard with an nForce 750i chipset and a Realtek ALC883 audio codec. I already have a patched DSDT (thanks to verdant), which allows me to see the "Intel High Definition Audio Device" in System Profiler. Now what i need is a properly patched AppleHDA.kext to allow me to use my SPDIF output, but i couldn't find one yet. I don't want to use VoodooHDA. since it always resets the audio settings on boot. I know I could script that, but I just want it to work natively. Oh, and i also know that I desperately need to upgrade to one of these fancy Gigabyte UD-series motherboards but, we'll see about that when I have the money. Thank you guys in advance for your awesome work Tobias