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  1. Im planning to build a desktop in a few months and was curious as to what happens if you upgrade certain parts like the CPU or Graphics card after an installation of OSX. Say I started off with just a Core 2 Duo and then later upgraded to a Core 2 Quad will OSX just automatically pick that up and change the information in about this mac and system profiler and i'll be good to go or will I have to re-install the system again? The same with the graphics card, if I started off with a 8600 GT and then switched it out later down the track for an 8800 GTX or GTS will I need to reinstall any new drivers? Or while installing the system do I need to install all the EFI strings for all the Nvidia Cards or can I add those later with drivers like Nvinject? One last question, using the SMBIOS Enablers i've seen pictures of some computers appearing as iMacs and some as Mac Pro's if my standard setup I installed the system using iAtkos 10.5.5 and used the SMBIOS-EFI Enabler and it appeared as an iMac will that change or mess up when I upgrade the CPU and Graphics card or does using that SMBIOS enabler always make it appear as a Mac Pro. Thanks Guys