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  1. Runaway Train Soundtrack

    Hello, I have the same problem. Do you know mp3sparks.com??? They sell music online for immediate downloads and they have the album for download, but unfortunately the shop is off, and by the moment only we can see the album there, in the website, but we cannot buy it for download. Recently I sent an email asking the album, before they close definitely the website, the email address is: support@mp3sparks.com Perhaps if more people ask the same album.... I'm not sure, but many people thinks that allofmp3.com, mp3sparks.com and mp3fiesta are the same thing and then I sent two emails: One for mp3sparks asking the album for to buy it, as the way they tell me, or that they transfer the album to mp3fiesta. And another email to mp3fiesta explaining that the album is in mp3sparks but I cannot buy it and download it, and then please I ask them transfer the album to their web shop. Perhaps made so, my request is more effective. So if you want, you can do the same. In the present and since many months ago, I'm a happy customer of mp3fiesta, and I never have been ripped off. Or try to fix the scratch. I fixed one with alcohol and cotton, but this choice is very personnel. You would need a mix of ethyl alcohol or isopropyl alcohol (isopropanol) with distilled water 50/50 of every ingredient or liquid, and then use the cotton for to clean the surface. For me it was ok, but who knows? because every person is a different world. I hope this can help you, bye.