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  1. Hacked BIOS EEE PC 900HA

    Thank you, I came here to post exactly that, the Tools folder is found in the DSDT patcher GUI's files, when extracted. So, a summary is in order for the 900HA: * Buy a Dell 1390 or other compatible Wireless Mini PCIe adapter and replace it with the internal one. Just do it! You will void your warranty but it will save you a lot of frustration. * Mod the BIOS with the links found in page 2 of this thread. Manher's post has a working link at the time of this writing. * Install iDeneb 1.3 following this guide. (Works for the 900ha just as well as the 1000h). Ignore the BIOS part as you've already done that. At this point, your 900HA will be working perfectly under Mac OS 10.5.5. However, there is a standby issue with XP using the modded bios (it won't come back from standby or hibernate). If you continue to use Windows XP via dual boot and you want to fix this issue, just revert to any non-modded BIOS from the Asus site *AFTER* you do the following: * Download the GUI DSDT Patcher here. * Run the Bootloader.pkg file in the 'Tools' folder after you extracted the above * Run the Patcher, select the OSX partition on the right and make sure "Apply" is checked on the right. Remember to reset BIOS settings such as turning off LAN in onboard devices and Boot Booster. My wireless didn't work until I turned off Boot Booster. Sleep Display does work (this is turning off the LCD screen only). Also, for OSX beginners, under System Preferences, "desktop and screen saver", you can assign Sleep Display to a "hot corner" so you can turn the display off by moving a mouse to a corner of your choosing, if you wish. Thank you all very much!
  2. Hacked BIOS EEE PC 900HA

    What is "folder tools"? I'm trying to find bootloader.pkg, c'mon don't leave us hangin!
  3. Hacked BIOS EEE PC 900HA

    Did you have the 'Apply' checkbox checked? It's unchecked by default.
  4. Hacked BIOS EEE PC 900HA

    I found this GUI DSDT patcher here: http://######.com/index.php?option=...0&Itemid=48 If I run this and apply it, I'll be able to flash a normal bios back onto my 900ha? Also, please someone chime in about the sleep display issue!
  5. Hacked BIOS EEE PC 900HA

    Thanks. Sleep works with OSX. However, my display won't sleep. I can't get my monitor to turn off using the power/energy settings. I even downloaded a program called Sleep Display and that won't turn off my display either. It does turn off when I close the screen and turns right back on when I open it again. Does anyone have this issue also?
  6. Hacked BIOS EEE PC 900HA

    I got a 1390 Dell Wireless card for my 900HA, and it works perfectly in XP except it won't wake up from sleep or hibernate. I did install the 305 Mod bios so I'm not sure if that is responsible or the 1390. Anyone else experiencing this in XP?
  7. Hacked BIOS EEE PC 900HA

    I'm with manher. I could use some help getting this all going and some extra details would go a long way for me. If not, could someone at least please repost the bios, the correct link does not work .