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  1. PNY nvidia Geforce 9400GT 1024mb

    Matt: Did you have to make any mods to the NVEnabler Info.plist? Did you add your device id to the NVDAResman and NVDANV50Hal kext plists? Anything else required? I've done all of this for a PNY Verto 512MB 9400gt and still can't get it to be recognized properly. NVEnabler log says it's a 9400gt with 512 MB, but in system profiler it still claims: VRAM (Total): 32 MB Vendor: NVIDIA (0x10de) Device ID: 0x042c Revision ID: 0x00a1 Displays: Display: Resolution: 1280 x 800 I'm stuck at 1280x800 and have no acceleration. This is under 10.6.6.
  2. 10.6 on Dell optiplex 755

    How did you get the 9400GT to work? EFI? If so, what strings did you use? Did you have any problems with ethernet and UUID. I can ping by address, but it won't resolve names even though DNS is set properly (nslookup works!) I think it might be related to the _CFGetHostUUIDString error 35 that's documented in several places. Can't do much until I get that fixed.
  3. Optiplex 745

    You might try the GMAX3100 drivers. That's the mobile version of the GMA3000 series, but it might still work. Zip is attached. I had success with these on my Dell Latitude D630. It uses Natit and the sleep trick to make the display come up, but it works with full res control, plus more important QE and CI. Just install the kexts using kext helper. If it fails, back them out in standalone boot. I don't think anyone has the Broadcom 5745 working. Being on the SFF 745 you have limited options with what, one PCI card slot? I am fortunate to have a full size 745 and with that I replaced the somewhat working ATI X1300 PCI-E card with a nVidia 9400 GT based card, plus I installed a cheapie Intel Pro 100 ethernet card. GMAX3100.zip
  4. Need help with Dell D630

    For me iAtkos 5i worked well my D630. Like others, I saw the IOAPIC boot panic and to be honest I can't say I worked around it the same way each time I attempted install, however, I am fairly certain the cpus=2 trick on install boot works for me consistently. I started out with iAtkos 2 and my daughter used Apple update and guess what, 10.5.6 wouldn't boot. She never listens. I had most everything working under 10.5.2, except for sleep, which in my crucial in my mind. Under iAtkos 5i and 10.5.5 I have everything other than the battery meter working, so I'm pleased at this point. Sleep works and with lid close thanks to the Dell Post Installer, I have full resolution control and QE/CI thanks to Natit x3100, and sound works thanks to Taruga's patcher for ALCinject and the custom AppleHDA.kext you'll find in a thread on STAC 9205 (use the mfierrira85 package, it did the trick.) The Dell wireless 1390 works fine and I have the new Broadcom 57xx kext which is working for the ethernet port. It's a sweet package overall. The only nits are the desktop does not initially appear (simple blue background, no icons) but that's resolved by changing resolutions to anything and back again. Sometimes it doesn't even occur on boot. I also miss the battery meter (funny thing is it works in the iAtkos 5i installer,) but my daughter can live without that.
  5. ›› Voodoo XNU Kernel is now Released

    Anyone having problems with sleep with Voodoo 1.0? My Dell Optiplex 745 was working great under 10.5.5 with ToH 9.2 and Chameleon, but I'm trying to get to a 9.5 kernel with PC EFI to permit apple update and work towards 10.5.6. When I sleep now my display doesn't come back and when I power cycle it returns to the exact same state unless I pull the power source. Looks like it's using hibernate (deep sleep?) which is causing the latter?
  6. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    Well I thought I actually WAS looking for 1.6, seeing several references to it, with some positive affirmation it works with 10.5.5. Perhaps they were all typos and they meant 1.16. If 1.6 does exist, I can't find it. All I know is the AppleHDA.kext created by all versions don't work on 10.5.5 for my STAC 9205, where I used a clean codec dump created on the actual laptop under Knoppix. So I guess I have to resort to manual patching using Taruga's and the other guides here. Thanks for the email and versions you sent btw, even if you did slap me a bit calling me a n00b.
  7. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    What about version 1.6? I understand that's necessary for 10.5.5 and above. Can't find it anywhere and Taruga's site is still down.
  8. Drivers for Nvidia Geforce 9400 GT - Success

    Injectors was something I suspected too. Are you certain Natit, Titan, and NVinject are not in the Extensions directory? You might want to delete all of the NV* kexts (though only NVDAResman and NVDANV50Hal should be used for your card) and all of the GeForce* kexts, then reinstall with Aqua's installer. My GFX string won't help. From what I understand gfxutil (and OSXTools) interrogate the card and create a string unique to your card's GPU, etc, i.e. unique to your installation. Do you know if that's the case Fireofanor?
  9. Drivers for Nvidia Geforce 9400 GT - Success

    Hmm, well for me I believe the updated drivers were key to the process. The card identifier I used was "NVIDIA GeForce 9400GT". Don't know if the space makes a difference in identifying the card.
  10. Sigmatel 9205 with iATKOS (Leopard)

    Me too. Have it working on my Dell Latitude D630 for the first time since installing 10.5.5. Fantastic. Kudos to mferreira85!
  11. Drivers for Nvidia Geforce 9400 GT - Success

    I've got my 9400 GT fully working with CI/QE now thanks to tips from Fireofanor, Taz, and most importantly Aqua-Mac who's created an installer with the latest Apple nVidia driver release that updates drivers for the new cards/GPUs. That is the key. Short guide on how I did it: 1) Download and install Aqua-Mac's nVidia driver installer. Don't think you need to remove exisiting nVidia kexts. Don't reboot yet, though installer will ask you to. http://rapidshare.com/files/155562098/NVID...rivers.zip.html 2) Remove NVinject,kext and NVkush.kext if you have them installed. 3) Create EFI/GFX string in com.apple.Boot.plist as suggested in previous posts. I find the easiest way to do this is via OSX86Tools. a. Use Add EFI Strings/Boot Flag on main menu. Select GFX strings option. b. Scroll to bottom of list, select Custom nVidia GeForce. c. For name model enter "NVIDIA GeForce 9400 GT". d. Select the amount of memory on your card. e. Select the display output that matches your card. For my PNY Verto, it's dual DVI-I ports. f. The plist info and hex string for your card will pop up. Select and copy the hex string for safety, but use the "Import String to Boot Editor" option. Click Apply Change on the next screen that pops up, no need to add other flags or strings. 4) Use repair disk permissions and clear kext cache on OSX86Tools main menu or do this any way you like. 5) Check the /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com.apple.Boot.plist file for safety sake using terminal and nano or vi just to make sure the string was inserted properly. If not, use the version you copied to the clipboard and add the "device-properties" key and value manually. (Sudo to edit file.) 6) Reboot and enjoy the results! No mods to driver kexts with device ids or anything else is required. My SP output now: NVIDIA GeForce 9400GT: Chipset Model: NVIDIA GeForce 9400GT Type: Display Bus: PCIe PCIe Lane Width: x16 VRAM (Total): 512 MB Vendor: NVIDIA (0x10de) Device ID: 0x042c Revision ID: 0x00a1 ROM Revision: NVIDIA GeForce 9400GT OpenGL Engine [EFI] Displays: VA1930wm: Resolution: 1440 x 900 @ 60 Hz Depth: 32-bit Color Core Image: Hardware Accelerated Main Display: Yes Mirror: Off Online: Yes Quartz Extreme: Supported QuartzGL: Supported Rotation: Supported Display Connector: Status: No display connected
  12. Drivers for Nvidia Geforce 9400 GT - Success

    What did you base your strings on? Didn't think there was a 9400 file out there. Really, I don't know how to get started and I keep seeing reference to a "gfx strings" program that I can't seem to find. Went to Netkas site, but didn't find it there. I tried to upload a zip with the kexts, but failed. Don't know what's up with that because neither Safari or Firefox could do it. In any case, if you PM me with your email address I would be happy to send you the zip.
  13. Drivers for Nvidia Geforce 9400 GT - Success

    Okay, got it working by adding a mask to the end of the device ids in Info.plist. For NVDAResman.kext/Contents/Info.plist change line 56 from: <string>0x064110de 0x042c10de 0x011010de&0xfff8ffff to: <string>0x064110de&0xfff8ffff 0x042c10de&0xfff8ffff 0x011010de&0xfff8ffff and also in NVDANV50Hal.kext/Contents/Info.plist add the &0xfff8ffff mask to the device id's MacNutty added at line 37. You'll notice the rest of them have it. The problem is CI and QE are not working. Bummer. Thanks for getting me this far though MacNutty!
  14. Drivers for Nvidia Geforce 9400 GT - Success

    In my case my card has the same device ID (at least as reported by System Profiler) and the ktexts still don't work. What is device id 0x064110de? I see that precedes 0x042c10de in each case. Do you guys have any pointers to guides on this site that talk more about nVidia video, NVcap, NVinject and how to go about building the kexts? I can't find a sticky anywhere on this. At least I can sleep with this card, even in safe mode. With the ATI x1300 the display went into "permanent" sleep.
  15. Drivers for Nvidia Geforce 9400 GT - Success

    Taz, I have the exact same card you do (from BestBuy.) I get slightly better results using Mac's drivers. One port produces the black screen, with just a pinkish menu bar and a very red apple. The other port paints a blue background and segments of windows, but I can't see the entire desktop or interact with anything on it. It's painfully slow when it does try to paint a section. Did you figure out the device id for this PNY card? If you create an updated kext for this specific card I would appreciate a copy. Should I remove the Natit kext I had installed for my ATI x1300? Could that be contributing to what I'm seeing? Left it installed in case I needed to revert back to the ATI. Another note: desktop comes up fine in safe boot. All resolutions are available. Here's the Profiler output. Says there's no QE/CI. Graphics by NVIDIA: Chipset Model: Graphics by NVIDIA Type: Display Bus: PCIe PCIe Lane Width: x16 VRAM (Total): 512 MB Vendor: NVIDIA (0x10de) Device ID: 0x042c Revision ID: 0x00a1 ROM Revision: NVinject 0.2.1 Displays: VA1930wm: Resolution: 1440 x 900 @ 60 Hz Depth: 32-bit Color Core Image: Software Main Display: Yes Mirror: Off Online: Yes Quartz Extreme: Not Supported