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  1. first off great guide, just installed sl on my d620 and it looks pretty smooth. so far the only things not working are sleep (with and without a system password in bios) and the audio isn't 100%. voodoohda works pretty well when i'm just using the laptop (clean sound, autoswitching for headphones and muting internal speakers), but when i plug into my docking station the audio doesn't get passed through to the audio output on the dock. sys prefs only shows one output device so i can't switch to digital output like i did in 10.5 (using sonotone's patched applehda.kext for sigmatel9200). has anyone had this issue and come up with a solution? i know its kind of picky but i can't be the only one using a docking station. when i get home tonight i'll play with it more and maybe replace voodoohda with sonotone's appleHDA to /extra/extensions and see if that helps. as for sleep, i'm not convinced its ever getting to a sleep state. my bluetooth light stays on and the power light doesnt start blinking. the screen just goes black and the machine becomes unresponsive overall pretty solid though. thanks leppy!