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  1. Can you please document the installation steps, that would be very helpful....
  2. I am also interested to see the guide. I own A931, previously I had 10.5.2 on it quite succesfully running, more than interested to see snow on it, many thanks
  3. NTFS in Snow Leopard?

    I use commercial product Paragon NTFS for Mac v8.0, they released 64bit version recently and it works without a problem on 64bit snow leo...
  4. same thing here on airlink WN-360USB with a difference - it works first time when pc is turned on but after reboot it does not. too bad, didn't try replug fix though
  5. What network cards work?

    i think all RT2870 chipset usb wifi sticks work in snow leo at 64 bits, drivers on ralink web
  6. What network cards work?

    just confirming that usb wlan adaper Airlive WL-1600USB (ovislink) works just fine on iatkos v7 10.5.7. using drivers for Mac downloaded from their web site. That adapter is great value for money, it has detachable antenna with exceptional reception, the best I had...
  7. Leopard Installation (Kalyway)

    I have the same motherboard and still struggling to start the installation.... Can you, if you remember, tell me what should I do in BIOS to make installation work at all (probably it has to do with SATA/IDE interface I tried all settings but none worked), what else should I change? (GA-MA69G-S3H, AMD 4000+, 4 GB RAM, onboard video - I know it isn't fully supported, I guess it will at least show something on standard resolution without QE/CI, I intend to replace it once I am sure leo works on this machine) many thanks