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  1. I have fixed the webcam issue by downloading and installing the macam driver and component..
  2. iATKOS v5i boot problem

    I am no expert in this but I have just completed a succesful install. Here is what i recommend. No guarantees though. iATKOS main system bootloader > Chameleon Bootloader x86 > Decrypters > AppleDecrypt SMBIOS > SMBIOS-EFI Kernal > 9.5 Kernal Voodoo APCI > x86 APCI Disabler.kext Drivers > VGA > Not sure on these last three NTFS-3G Network >
  3. Huh? Im confused? UPDATE: I am pretty sure that i have a Realtek ALC883 Sound Card but I have tried many patches of which all have been unsuccesful..
  4. Hey Guys, For starters, here is my distro information. (Im going to put everything in, just in case it helps). iATKOS v5i Main System Chameleon Bootloader AppleDecrypt Disabler.kext SMBIOS-EFI Kernel Voodoo 9.5 x86 ACPI NVkush VIATTA Realtek 8139 Everything works like a breeze including graphics engine. Sound output is fine too but headphones jack is not working at the moment also. By using SiSoftware, it has given me the following information about my Audio Devices: Audio Device : HP IXP SB450 High Definition Audio Controller Audio Codec : Realtek Semiconductor 888 High Definition Audio My Webcam is a Genius VideoCAM Trek It is recognized in System Profiler as a "USB Camera". I don't know really what I can tell you about my Sound Jack. I will be checking this post frequently so please ask questions and I will get back to you ASAP. Thanks, all help would be greatly appreciated. Akenatehm
  5. iATKOS v5i boot problem

    Did you try booting in safe and diagnostic mode? Press any key to have options then type -v -x and then press enter...