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  1. Hey all, I'm having the exactly same issue as OP. The only big difference for my system is that I have a 4770 (NOT K) and an AMD 7970GHz instead of an nVidia card. I have everything work except graphics, just like the OP. A thing to note is that that I CANNOT boot with the Apple Intel graphics kexts. It gets stuck on Missing Bluetooth Controller Transport, but that doesn't happen if I remove the Apple Intel kexts. Also, with the boot flags GraphicsEnabler=No and IGPEnabler=Yes it shows my 7970 as Unknown with 7MB . If I switch it to GraphicsEnabler=Yes it shows my card during boot with -v, but it hangs after loading audio kexts. Thanks!
  2. what didnt work for you? what didnt work for you?
  3. I fixed my problem of not having darwin auto boot Mac! I just re-installed PC-EFI/Chameleon and it fixed it right away Just thought I would let people know
  4. Reinstall the vista bootloader and try it also delete the NST folder on your vista drive do this while your in vista otherwise you mgiht have booting problems
  5. thats probably why... whatever i suppose would be nice to have though
  6. iPod Touch Gen 2 or Gen 1?

    Rather then starting a new topic I tought id continue this one... I am in the same boat I will be kicking myself if a jailbreak comes out for the 2G but I really want the jailbreak!!! I have CFW on my PSP's and a custom ROM on my Phone I love doing that and it wouldnt feel the same without doing it.. It would kind of feel boring Sadly theres no way to use cracked apps without the jailbreak right?
  7. Quick Question, Quick Answer

    an nForce 560? Yeah... I havent heard of that having compatibility which would suck
  8. If Mac is on a second HD use the MBR option in EasyBCD instead of the EFI option(EFI is only for same HD with another partition)
  9. Yeah that sucks =\ What about the Intel test driver? (not related to this topic.. just saying)
  10. I had this working fine but then I re installed Mac and now when I boot I have to choose the Mac partition on the darwin prompt... before I didnt have to.. I tried messing with EasyBCD and the settings and re installing the Vista Bootloader but I am not sure what to do with this.. Its annoying to have to choose the partition
  11. I thought that too.. At one point I had it boot into Mac with Vista being the active partition but I dont know how.. I used EasyBCD beta 2.0
  12. It says that it has support for 4965 could that be? My buddies laptop has that and we are looking for a way to get internet to work
  13. Some apps quitting unexpectedly

    Thats why PowerPC apps dont work? I believe I fixed it actually... For Rosetta not for CPU-X(I dunno about that) I had to replace the /usr/libexec/oah/translate and then I got a shared library error so I had to reply the CarbinLib file and OpenGLLib from /System/Library/CFMSupport to get rid of the shared library error.. I used the CFMSupport files from Leo4Allv4.1
  14. Some apps quitting unexpectedly

    BUMP! Anyone got any ideas? I think it might be Rosetta.. But I know CPU-X is not a PowerPC app so im not sure.. but the others are... I changed my Rosetta Translate file and now I get a shared library error.. Im stuck