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    Whitelist BIOS for DV2000 / DV2710US

    I have read a few tutorials but the bios editor still does not work for any of my bios's. There is a new tool out that fixes the checksum but i am not sure if it works. Is that what you used Zakaryya? Sorry for the long delay in a response. I thought i had my profile setup to email me when this thread was responded to. I just happened to find it when i was still searching for a solution.
  2. trentw2323

    Whitelist BIOS for DV2000 / DV2710US

    Is there anyone who may be able to shed some light on this?
  3. I have read quite a few forum posts and i must say thank all of you for all of your efforts on white listing wireless cards. I have struggled with this issue for a while. I worked in it while i was in Iraq and bricked my laptop but was fortunate enough to be able to use the Crisis Recovery Disk successfully. I have not focused on the issue lately because i use Linux and just remove the card on boot, and reinsert it while holding at the GRUB menu. I am back in the states and I am curious that bios versions have been fixed. My laptop supports the following: 1.) F.24 Released: 05-2008 2.) F.16 Released: 03-2008 3.) F.15 Released: 02-2008 4.) F.14 Released: 01-2008 5.) F.13 Released: 11-2007 One of the questions i have is in regards to the serialization of the BIOS's. If someone fixes a bios release of F.16 for their DV8300(made up), since a bios revision of F.16 is available for my laptop, are they the same BIOS? Have any of these BIOS's successfully been fixed either by disabling the white list or by inserting the new id's in the list? If not, I will volunteer my laptop to science and will try anything you can come up with. I am not sure which version of the Phoenix BIOS Editor I was using at the time. It was Dec of 2007.