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  1. I had a similar setup working on Asus Rampage II gene... I believe you need to use EFI strings in com.apple.Boot.plist for these cards in SL.
  2. FakeSMC v2.5 Released

    Can someone please post a mirror download link? I can't access files.netkas.org
  3. Slow Hard Drive Performance ICH10

    Sorry to hijack the thread, but I've never had slow SATA problems on my Rampage II Gene using custom DSDT... What I'm wondering is, in System Profiler on SL 10.6.1 my controller shows up as ICH10 AHCI but in Leo 10.5.8 it was more correctly showing up as ICH10R AHCI. As I've said performance has never sucked so, should I even worry about this? I'm quite sure hardware RAIDs on a hackintoshes don't work... Not that I want to RAID.. But are there different kexts for ICH10 out there?
  4. rtorrent + wtorrent via macports.

    I would recommend against using package managers like Fink & Macports... I've compiled plenty of Unix programs from source on Leopard using just gcc from XCode. Have you tried this?
  5. I'm running 10.5.7 vanilla on a Core i7 920 D0 + Rampage II Gene (mATX) in a Nzxt Rogue which is kind of big small form factor but I like it because it holds massive graphics cards, PSUs and HSFs.
  6. My new litte i7 920 D0 @ 4ghz

    Hey looks great! Ultimately I'm wondering i7 hacks bench vs the 2009 Mac Pro. I am building similar system but can't figure out how to enable all cores + HT... I get panics with AppleIntelCPUPowerManager.kext when enabling. I tried to remove that kext but then booting just hung somewhere else. Any insights? Running 10.5.7 vanilla combo updated from iPC 10.5.6 voodoo plus Chameleon 1.0.
  7. Awesome work digital_dreamer thanks for the guide! I'm still looking to get audio + all cores + hyperthreading on my setup (see signature) Currently using Chameleon 1.x and vanilla 10.5.7 combo updated from iPC voodoo.
  8. Have you tried following these directions? http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...p;showentry=613 I am running 10.5.7 vanilla combo updated from iPC 10.5.6 voodoo on Asus Rampage II Gene but have yet to enable all cores or HT myself.
  9. Osx i7 920 asus p6t

    Great work thanks for this walkthrough! I am running 10.5.7 vanilla (combo updated from iPC 10.5.6 voodoo) on an ASUS Rampage II Gene and found your guide the most accurate and useful. I haven't been able to find any other users running OSX86 on this board so maybe I am the first!!? I still have no sound. Had to disable/remove AppleHDA.kext to avoid panics. I tried AD8888.pkg during iPC setup but no luck. I get AppleIntelCPUPowermanagement panics when booting with 2-4 cores or Hyperthreading enabled still... I have yet to try your DSDT method trick. Can you please elaborate? I'm a just a bit wary, it took a few days to get this running but hooray it's my first hackintosh!
  10. Better OpenGL benchmarking, GioFX OpenMark

    In case anyone is curious about a real 2008 (dual quad 2.8) MacPro with NV 8800GT... The scores seem decent..