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  1. @phaberest @Gymnae I'm also interested in this setup as well (QEMU + KVM), even though I understand it might have some issues like the ones @wmchris have pointed out. I'm wondering if this specific discussion should be moved to another topic, so we keep this one clean.
  2. I've been testing the new version of WhatEverGreen kext on 10.14, and it has been working fine for a couple of days. I've removed CoreDisplayFixUp and IntelGraphicsFixup kexts, as they are now part of WhatEverGreen kext. Also, I've updated to the latest Lilu kext, which is needed by WhatEverGreen. WhatEverGreen Support Topic:
  3. One thing that I've noticed in my setup, it that after updating from 10.13 to 10.14, there is some difference in performance. The system is more laggy now. Using Adobe Lightroom, for example, is painful, and it's a lot slower and laggier than High Sierra. At first I thought it would be something related to the fact that this is still a Beta, but at this stage (4th public beta), I don't think it is. But I have no clue about what is causing this issue (CPU is not necessarily high when this slowness happens). Another issue that I've noticed is that in Finder, images thumbnails are not being rendered, most of the time Finder will show the generic image icon (PNG, JPEG, etc) instead of the image thumbnail. This is very annoying when working with photos.
  4. I had no issues, just did the normal update from Beta 3.
  5. Update: The issue with the black screen after wake up from sleep was caused by a different settings in my clover's config.plist file. I have the ig-platform-id set to 0x19260004 (Iris Graphics 540), which causes the issue. The default 0x19160000 (HD Graphics 520) works without issue. Unfortunately, 0x19160000 doesn't support HiDPI mode for my external 4k monitor at the resolution 2560x1440, on the other hand, 0x19260004 supports it nicely. So, if you are using the original wmchris's git kexts/config + autinm's clover files, you should be able to automatically update from 10.13 to 10.14 without issues. I'll keep trying to make ig-platform-id 0x19260004 work with my setup.
  6. Thanks for the audio tip, I was using KNNspeed before, and I totally forgot to reapply it. As for the backlight control, it's working fine now, I just had to restore the original kexts from ".../Post-Install/LE-Kexts/" (I probably changed something in AppleBacklightInjector.kext before, and it might have caused the issue). Now I just have to figure it out why I have the black screen after the computer wakes from sleep.
  7. Thanks for uploading your clover files (they were very helpful). Almost everything worked well for me, but I can't get the display backlight control to work (I already run the patch script and created a new AppleBacklightInjector.kext, but it didn't change anything). @autinm Did you have any issue with the backlight control? Also, I have a black screen after sleep. Sound is working, but the headphone is not recognised. The upgrade process was smooth (updated from 10.13), except for the issues above.
  8. I have a second display connected to my laptop and after updating to 10.13.5, I had some issues when the laptop woke up from sleep: the laptop display was black and sometimes it was blinking. I'm not sure if it was a random issue, but I've decided to apply the new CoreDisplay patcher for 10.13.5 and it seems to be working now. Again, it might have been a random issue, but I think it doesn't hurt to run the updated CoreDisplay patcher. In my case I've replaced the BuildMachineOSBuild key value, from 17E199 (10.13.4) to 17F77 (10.13.5) in the Info.plist file (CoreDisplayFixup.kext).
  9. FYI: I've installed the last Security Update 2018-001 through the App Store and everything worked smoothly, no issues so far.
  10. I've tried it, but it didn't help. Perhaps it's the BIOS I'm using? 1.5.1 (I read that the 1.6.1 had some issues, but I don't remember if 1.5.1 is OK), I've tried to search the forum, but search is not working for me. Thanks for your help.
  11. I've been experiencing something odd, the laptop reboots every time it comes back from sleep, when it's not plugged to the power source. Is anyone experiencing (or had experienced) this reboot issue on 10.13.4? Thanks!
  12. This is a bit off topic, but it might be useful for some people. Last week my laptop's battery was swelling at a point that I couldn't even use the trackpad. I was browsing for a new battery when I came across people telling that Dell is replacing XPS 15 9550 batteries for free, since this is a known issue. I can confirm that this is true for Australia, I got a new battery for free and a technician came to my place to replace it (but if your battery is not swelling yet, they will send the battery by mail and you can replace it yourself). Have a look at Dell Product Bulletin website for more information (need your service tag): https://www.dellproduct.com/ From their product bulletin:
  13. It might be... everything that I plug in that USB port doesn't work well, if I plug a pen drive or external disk it will disconnect after a few seconds. I thought I've messed up with some settings. Thanks for the reply.
  14. I'm wondering if someone had/has issues with one of the USB ports? The one on the right works fine, but the one on the left is "laggy" (i.e. when I plug an external mouse there, it stops from time to time, it looks like it lose communication temporarily), it's not reliable. Probably I did something wrong on my setup, but I can't find what I've done wrong.
  15. Updating VoodooPS2Controller.kext to 1.8.28 worked here as well (MacBookPro13,1). Thanks!