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  1. Hi, I know there are some laptop -t60- users whom make their x1400 works with a highest resolution than 1024x768 or 1152x864(with boot.plist solution), my question is: Does anybody with a Dell 9400 with x1400 17" lcd display has obtained more than 1024x768 or 1152x864 in the built-in display? Regards
  2. Hello everybody, Few days ago i realized that my HD MacOs partition on my 9400 is making noises (like when a Hard Disk is old )...I decided to format that partition and make it NTFS to test it with Win XP...still make noises!!. The weird thing is that only this partition make noise...the other one does not. Is there any posibility that MacOS damaged this partition? Regards
  3. ATI X1400 Fully Working Dell 9400

    do you attached a crt o dvi monitor?
  4. ATI X1400 Fully Working Dell 9400

    On the CRT monitor or DVI?
  5. ATI X1400 Fully Working Dell 9400

    Finally i get a fully x1400 working on my DELL 9400, DVD plays, CI/QE, Resolution Change, RSS Screen Saver. (Not tested under pro apps like finalcut or aperture) Here is what i done. I got 10.4.5 but when i tried to update to 10.4.8 with JAS combo update my OS X crashed -very understood, because i was using kexts and frameworks from several versions - so i decided to download full JAS DVD 10.4.8 SS3. Here is what i done. 1. Boot from 10.4.5 DVD (i think you can boot from other version 10.4.7 or 10.4.4, etc) 2. Format or erase MacOSX partition 3. Reboot with JAS 10.4.8 4. Select none of the JAS packages except Semthex kernel 5. Once OSX installed reboot WITHOUT CD (because if you left the cd inside later you would not be able to boot without cd) 6. configure your account and reboot 7. There's no network on my Broadcom Ethernet!. Download the IONETWORKINGFAMILY.KEXT from here http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?s=&...st&p=227593 Replace it, repair permissions and reboot. 8. Done, network is working =) 9. Download from http://www.installers.dl.am the 3.6 version 10. Install the package and reboot. 11. X1400 working like a charm, i didn't have to do anything else, like mess with ATI KEXTS Regards
  6. Alguna experiencia con la instalacion en Inspiron 9400

    Debes descargar el archivo que esta parchado, mira en osx86project.org , en el wiki hay links de donde bajar los torrents correctos. Tal vez lo que bajaste fue una versión oficial del OS, esas no sirven, necesitas bajar una que este parchada. Básicamente la 9400 no te servirá para producción, digamos que es mas bien algo lúdico, la tarjeta de video aún no funciona en su totalidad, el sonido tampoco y el wi-fi menos. Todo está en proceso de desarrollo. Necesitas desactivar uno de los procesadores para que el kernel trabaje bien, de otra forma hara cosas raras. Desactívalo en el BIOS o en el boot.plist. Busca en el foro, ahí estan todas las soluciones. Saludos.
  7. ATI Radeon Mobiliy X1400

    I just read what Jpsolares is saying =), the new Xserve includes an ati x1300. I understood that x1300 and x1400 use the same GPU, so now there is a chance for us to get to work this cards. The release of the Xserve is scheduled to october..but i think there is another way to find the kext
  8. ATI Radeon Mobiliy X1400

    No, it does not work with X1400
  9. Problema post installazione

    jukebox, Non e' che la gente non vuoi aiutare, e' che davvero questo forum e' pieno da post come il tuo, dunque alla fine c'e' poca informazione importante. Comunque qua e' il link a quello che stai cercando. saludos. http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...amp;hl=sigmatel
  10. [How To] X800 XL set up with working Display Manager and QE/CI

    Hi, The 9200 AGP does not have QE, i have a G4 Emac....sorry!
  11. hi 'Fletcher', How do you do to switch from Nvidia GeForce 7400 to GMA945,is there a kind of software to do that? do you know if i can do on a Dell?
  12. Hi 'followchrist, if i understood right, you made the 9200 works? if is it right, what's your lap configuration and where did you find the kext or can you post it please? Regards
  13. borisbadenov ATI X1000-series Solution

    Maybe if you try connecting a CRT monitor, look what Echnaton did. I can't try now this method because i have 10.4.5 installed, i'm dl 10.4.7 update.
  14. drib, You are crazy dude!! :pirate2: i agree with u1m2. I'll wait to see if someone can post a non surgery solution. Congratulations Drib..