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  1. Yes, that's it, just flash your card with original rom, if worked, the best thing is to contact powercolor support, they will send you the Original Updated ROM! You should be fine after
  2. To know that download the AMD/ATI ATIFlash Tool for sure you need windows for flashing and dumping, then make a dump of the current ROM, now download Hex Fiend or any hex editor and compare the two rom's, then you'll find that the modded rom have some lines of apple's efi. But you don't need to waste your time for that, surely it's a modded rom that will make some problems on normal PC's and not on real mac, i already tried that on my sapphire, it didn't work well as expected.
  3. Aaaah that's what i suspected, no, this is an PowerColor R9 280X TurboDuo modded for Mac Pro, so it will work good enough on real Mac! You can still sell it as is on eBay, and then go for another one that work good with our hack= Option I didn't found a link from PowerColor support for that card, but usually you can: - Contact powercolor technical support to send you the new ROM for that card, this is the best option if you don't want to sell it. - Go to techpowerup, and download the ROM for your card or go directly there from here: Powercolor R9 280X 3 GB BIOS (TurboDuo) Note: you don't need to do the last things i said in the previous message just flash it with original ROM and you should be fine!
  4. Ok now i see whats the problem maybe, just reflash the card with original ROM and copy your modded bios in ROM folder of clover and click on Load VBios in clover configurator, to allow clover loading it during the boot process, and do nvram reset from terminal: nvram -c and from clover boot menu by pressing: Win + Alt + P + R
  5. Ok, the original ROM of the R9 280X should work as is without any kind of flash, that means it will work Out Of the Box, but you'll still have some ports not working, usually 1 or 2 ports! Now if you flashed your card with a modded ROM for OS X, it means, that the modded ROM will work for real Macs, like a Mac Pro 5,1 for exemple, but if it's what you did for your card, it will explain the freezes that you have, because that rom emulate EFI rom of the real Mac AMD cards. But in the case you just flashed a ROM that you downloaded from techpowerup for exemple, it should work without any freeze if that rom is the propper one for your card!
  6. i didn't got what you meant by: flashed to work with OS X, you used a modded rom to work for real mac on OS X? Or the original rom do not allows your graphics card to work with OS X? Because as far as i know the R9 280X works OOB on OS X, just need the propper framebuffer and some cosmetic dsdt patch or modifying the framebuffer!
  7. Isn't that Video card problem? Can you flash it with original bios rom? Ozmosis is here on insanelymac, in Home>OSx86 Project>Developpers Corner>Bootloaders>Ozmosis>Ozmosis
  8. As you can see in my signature i've the same chipset and graphics card, it works well, no prob here, sleep and everything works! There's also Ozmosis, that work from inside the BIOS, if you're not familiar with tweaking something at every clover update, so you can put it in the bios with some required files and forget tweaking, just install macOS and play as or like you have a real Mac!
  9. SSDT will do the things needed, to make DSDT, it require you to properly Disassemble your ACPI files, patch them for OS X then compile your DSDT, it may take some time! EFI\CLOVER\ACPI\patched\here
  10. Try replacing these files in your efi clover folder: KextConfigSSDT.zip iMac14,2
  11. both, because as i have seen you don't have FakeSMC plugin's, but you still need some things in config.plist
  12. Remove WhateverGreen use Hamachi as a framebuffer and just make a DSDT, then it should work without problem
  13. ammoune78


    Can you do it, because it's my friend and I know that he had a lot of bad things this last year and the beginning of this one! I've checked on eBay for possible motherboards with 8 and 9 series but prices are hot, 10 series have prices good enough but he don't have their processor
  14. ammoune78

    New OS X compatible motherboard -> QUO

    In the case of ALC892 from either QUO or another board, it can be played from rom or hard drive by VoodooHdaKext or AppleALC or AppleHDA! It's only a user preference And by the way, as it seems that Intel CPU vulnerability, the image itself need to be updated for self security and without forgetting the OROM's, FakeSMC, the SMC it self according to the date in SMBios for the Mac version emulated