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  1. 5750 success

    I've just put Eyefinity 5 (with 5 MDPs) 5770 into my (real) MacPro with 10.6.4 - no luck. Not even a startup screen. Official 5770 "upgrade kit" from Apple will arrive only in 6 weeks But this package (pictured in the quoted post) has indeed 5 cables in the box: 3 MDP - DP, 2 MDP - DVI. Black, though
  2. Well, there is a cheap way and a sure way. Cheap way will cost you $150: buy Nvidia GT 120 card with mini DisplayPort from Apple . It's similar GT 9500 so graphics will probably work. Some problems though are to be expected: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...p;#entry1179586 Well, you could always send it back to Apple for 15% restocking fee... Sure way will cost you $2400: Mac Pro via Amazon...
  3. LED Cinema Display (24 flat panel)

    Thank you for noticing my post. Let me make a brief summary of it. GT 120 + LCD display contraption has actually two parts: graphics part and USB audio part. (Three, if you count iSight, but since it did not give me any problems - I do not count it ) Your experience with either of them will greatly depend on the motherboard you have. I have tested two. Intel DG31PR: graphics OK, board does not boot if USB cable from Apple's LCD is inserted. It has no general USB audio problems, but does not see Display's USB audio devices when inserted after boot. Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P: graphics has one strange problem in Dock.app (can be worked around), Display's USB can be made working, but: general USB audio problems with this board on MacOS X (small, but nasty enough).
  4. Sorry for my English (meaning: you have been warned...) Goal: Apple LCD Cinema Display 24 + Nvidia GT 120 (sold by Apple) + Q9550-based hackintosh = absolutely iMac-24-like front-end (except DVD slot:) + Mac-Pro-like speed and upgradability ... all that for the price of iMac-24. Success: partial. Target system: Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P + Q9550. Test system: Intel DG31PR + some old Core 2 stone. Installation methods tried: two-disk installation plus UD3P package ("forum" method, links needed) EFi-X from expresshd.com ("EFi-X" method) Test programs: Call of Duty 4 World of Warcraft I had absolutely no problems with Nvidia GT 120 card (need it because of mini DisplayPort that monitor has - have not found any DVI_card->MDP_display adapters anywhere). Strike that: ALMOST no problems. GT 120 is like GT 9500, both general Nvidia drivers and EFI-x provided drivers give you CI/QE on. So both CoD4 and WoW work - graphics part, through miniDisplay port - perfectly on both tested motherboards. Exception is Dock app that cycles 100% of one CPU in "forum" installation on UD3P when LCD display is connected. Snapshot shows some spinlock waiting while trying to draw some rectangle. That most probably means some nasty timer-dependent bug in general Nvidia drivers. Recycling Dock helps immediately. (Boot, kill Dock - you are OK. Until next boot). Again, only "forum" install, only on UD3P, only with LCD connected... Problems are in USB audio. GA-EP45-UD3P has USB audio problems both with "forum" and "EFi-X" methods. Nasty, regular (each 2-4 seconds) drops in audio, (especially in World of Warcraft:) happen. Display's audio and mike are visible but not selectable in Sound pref tab in "forum" method, OK in EFi-X method (they became visible after clean install of 10.5.1 under EFi-X with USB plug connected and remain working after upgrade to 10.5.7, may not be visible if you plug it in an already completed installation). So, Display's audio devices work in "EFi-X" method, but they are prone to the same USB audio problems as other USB audio devices. iSight is OK and works in both methods. DG31PR does not boot past initial BIOS screen if USB cable from Display is in. Does not see Display's USB devices after dispaly's USB plug is in after the boot (does not crash though:). Other USB devices are Ok - no sound problems here. I could have probably lived with USB problems on GA-EP45-UD3P (built-in Audio was OK) while trying to fix them, but this board burned when connected from board's 1394 port to real iMac's FireWire 400 port... twice After the second burn the project was abandoned. I have saved some pictures though Here is CoD4 on DG31PR box: Hope here is some useful info for somebody. Good luck!
  5. The NVIDIA 9500GT Thread

    Thank you! Your method worked both for my Geforce 9500 1gb (memory was shown just as 512mb though), and Apple's Geforce GT 120 upgrade kit with Mini DisplayPort. (For some reason GT 120 was recognized just as generic NVidia 32mb when using Install DVD - Combo 10.5.6 - UInstaller GA-EP45-UD3P method. Note that OS requirement on Apple site is 10.5.6 for GT 120). I have not tried Mini DisplayPort though, but am planning to do so.