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  1. Didn't work but I figured it out. The Darwin boot loader that Chain0 runs just defaults to the active partition which of course just reloads XPs boot.ini menu..... You can interupt it if you press F8 on when the / is rotating, this gives you a menu and from there I can select the non active OSX partition. All works fine now apart from sound Network Wireless Camera......
  2. Didn't work. I select "Mac OS x86" in the boot.ini menu - I get 1 sec of the rotating / and then it starts the boot.ini menu again. It is obvoiusly working but misconfigured by MBR code Active partition ect causing it to boot windows. Current setup is. HDD1 MBR set by Windows XP setup after the install of OSX Part1 = NTFS Pri Active "Windows XP" Part2 = AF, HFS+ Pri "Mac OS X 86" Part3 = Ext NTFS "Data" Need better documentation on how the chain0 works.
  3. * {Sound of head being slapped with hand!!!!} Thats what I get for believing forum post rather than reading the instructions.......According to the post I read, chain0 was only for installs on different HDDs...... But in fact it does exactly what I was trying to do with the dd command. Off to try this now. Acronis bootmanager is not being used because I have had bad experiences with them before. In my opinion all OS installs should be completly self sufficient & contained within their partition. Removal of one should not affect the running of another more than requiring the setting of a partition active.
  4. I have a similar query regarding dual booting XP and OSX on the same HDD different partitions. I want to set the active partition as the XP one for safety and speed of booting into Windows. The way I had planned to do this was the old NT method of loading Linux by putting an option for it in the NTLDR menu. eg. Copy Linux boot data to a file with:- dd if=/dev/hda2 of=boot.lnx bs=512 count=1 Copy this to the C:\boot.lnx Edit (append) boot.ini with the line:- C:\boot.lnx="Linux" I dont see why this wouldn't work for OSX - does anyone know more about it? So far what I have done is I installed OSX on a second partition on my Laptop, a new Sony VAIO VGN SZ1VP/C. Apart from sound all was working ok - I assume this is because of it's similarity to the new powerbooks including the Infineon TPM module. When I changed the active partition back to XP I got the MBR Bootloader error "Error Loading Operating System". Now this was strange as I had done nothing that I haven't done before dual booting Linux and Windows. The only difference is that I used Acronis instead of Partition Magic. MS knowledgebase gave me some useless information http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=326676 that basically says they don't know what it is, although to be honest they were refering to errors during setup. I tried everything to get it back but the only thing that worked was the last resort of:- Removing all partitions. Recreated partitions 1 & 2 for XP and OSX with the XP setup. Use Acronis to set partition 2 to Primary Active type=AF making sure partition 1 is not hidden. Reinstall OSX on partition 2 - this time just repaing the file system in Disk Utility & not messing around. Use Acronis to set partition 1 active and make sure non are hidden. Restore Windows to from recovery disk to partition 1. And this is where I am now XP working and OSX bootable with the DVD or partition set active. In OSX Terminal using df I established that the command I need assuming 512 is enough would be something like:- dd if=/dev/disk0s2 of=bootsect.osx bs=512 count=1 at first I got a permission denied error so I "su root" and the got device busy. Does anyone know a way to do this from DOS or XP? Any idea why the device is busy when you can do it in linux? And is bs=512 is correct for the osx bootloader or is it bigger? Any help appreciated.