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  1. Graphics - No GPU Power Management

    @chevalier633 you mind explaining how you set-up BIOS and boot args to make it work that HD4000 and GTX card work together ? I have the z77-DS3H board, with clover as bootloader and the GTX 660- thanks Manfredo
  2. BIOS-Update GA-Z77-DS3H

    Moin. Gab es schon eine Lösung zu dem Problem ? Welche neue BIOS Version hast du denn geflasht ? die F9 oder das Beta Teil ? BIOS downgrade möglich ? oder CMOS reset und dann nopch mal neu ? AHCI eingestellt ? Gruss Manfredo
  3. Orinico USB 3.0 card

    The appleusbxhci.kext is part of the IOUSBFamily.kext- if you look into the contents of that one, you will find it. Owise, good luck. regards Manfredo
  4. Hi there- well, instead of a complete shut down and reboot, all the time you get back to the PC, you put the thing to bed and let it sleep. The hardware won't use any power then. Restart back into where you were before, will the windows and programs open the same way. Nowadays, rebooting has an option where all programs open at that time will re-open as well on boot time, but I personally find it more convinient and time saving to let the thing wake up and keep on working. I am rebooting the machine only when software demands same, after new installation. But with a Mac that seldomly happens. For me over here in Europe saving energy means a lot (cost). YOu can try this here --> put the kext into S/L/E and repair permissions, then reboot and see what happens. May need a nullcpupower... kext http://code.google.com/p/xnu-sleep-enabler/ regards Manfred
  5. OS X Mountain Lion Retail released

    I have the GM installed, just downloaded a printer update. And, german version installed. When installing, a number of languages were offered for installation. Updates can be downloaded manually as well, if required. regards Manfredo
  6. Hi there. Checkingthis forum since have exctly the same problem now. Have installed ML then migrated the "old" lion stuff over to ML and realise that textedit, notes, etc are crashing.I am now re-installing ML ontop of the exisiting version. Lets see what happens. Thought it is because of the migrated progs, but apparently not ? regards Manfredo