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  1. Well, I've been using those 10.6.2 drivers for about a week now, and I'm actually quite pleased. No kernel panics, very few bugs (I do have a graphic bug with the notification center, but I don't really care...). I've even installed VMWare fusion and Lion as a guest OS, and appart from it being a bit slow, that works fine too.
  2. The GMA950 drivers from 10.7.0 are 32-bit only. This won't work (Mountain Lion GM required all drivers be 64 bits).
  3. Thank you! It works on my Mac Mini 1,1! As you said, the graphics are a bit slow, but I intend to use the Mini headless anyway, and this driver allows me to choose the VNC resolution, which was impossible before, so it's a great deal better than nothing! Stephen