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  1. The install files (like GMA950) give me an error when trying to install: "Install Failed. The following install step failed: run preinstall script for gma950. contact the software manufacturer for assistance" Anyone know why I'm getting this error on each install file?
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    Kalyway with Inspiron 6400

    Heres an update: Got USB working with this guide: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=95789 Got Sound working by going into System Preferences -> Sound -> Output and selecting Stereo Master Output What I can't get working: Wireless Drops After 5 Minutes - Have to turn wireless off then on Screensaver Screen Shutoff when Closed Headphones Jack SD Reader X1400 Video Card @ 1440x900
  3. Hi everyone, I'm new to the site and have been lurking for a couple weeks now. I have been fooling around with getting 10.5.2 working on my Inspiron 6400. I noticed many posts with people having issues with the X1400....has there been any recent fixes for this? Also, on the initial install, I get no smartcard, sound or usb. Is this possible to fix? I was reading that I should disable the dualcore support however is this fixed in the recent version of 10.5 considering the posts I was reading about this were 10.4. I'm hoping to get everything working so I can use my laptop as a hackintosh I'm looking to replace my main PC with a power mac but I want to make sure I will like it first Thanks in advance for your help!