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  1. I see fusion71au has High Sierra running on his 1530. Does anyone have it running on a 1330? I have Sierra on it now and had previously failed to get High Sierra to work when it first came out.
  2. @fusion71au I had to rename AppleEFIRuntime.kext in /System/Library/Extensions to get Snow Leopard to boot with Clover 4128. Is that something you had to do also? Now I'm not able to get my audio working unless I put the kexts in S/L/E. Am I missing something on clover to inject them properly? I had a modified AppleHDA.kext working with Chameleon in S/L/E previously now for all newer OS's I use an HDAdisabler and VoodooHDA 2.8.8 but that's not working with Snow Leopard even when I put them in clovers 10.6 folder instead and/or other. Any ideas? Does the M1530 have the same broken HDMI issues after 10.6.2 that the M1330 line has? I'm not able to output audio through HDMI but I don't really remember whether that ever worked previously. Thank you again for your awesome links above. I haven't converted that particular drive to GPT yet but I now have Win10 and Sierra working like a champ on a small MBR SSD which will still Bios boot Windows by marking it's partition active again in case clover ever chokes.
  3. I got Sierra working well but no luck with High Sierra. I'm copying my working partition on to my windows SSD now which is MBR. Are there any tweaks or patches for disk utility that make it able to resize partitions and generally work like it does on GPT disks? I also have an OLD 10.6.2 partition with working HDMI that I use a chameleon thumb drive to boot if needed but I would like to use clover for this too if possible. Does anyone know if that is possible since clover came out many years later if I remember correctly?
  4. Any ideas why activity monitor could be crashing after upgrade top Sierra?
  5. Good call on the usb fix, I didn't even realize I broke my El Capitan installation with your fakesmc.kext. I reran the commands you mentioned in safe mode this time and still no luck on the trackpad buttons not freaking out but at least I'm able to write this post from inside the OS since I can now use a usb mouse, Thank You. I also forgot to mention that I also have no preference pane when I click on Trackpad in System Preferences. Is there an installer like VoodooHDA once had or is it just the VoodooPS2controller.kext that needs injecting? How do I attach my formerly working in El Capitan kext to this post for you to take a look at if you don't mind? I now noticed a new problem. When I click on purchases in the app store it give me this error, An unexpected error occurred while signing in.Your device or computer could not be verified. Contact support for assistance.
  6. Does anyone have Sierra or High Sierra working on an M1330 yet? I installed Sierra (upgraded El Capitan) for the first time yesterday but my VoodooPS2Controller.kext from El Capitan now causes a kernel panic. I am able to boot with fusion71au's version from post #1961 but my trackpad buttons act like I am rapidly tapping them 50 times making it almost useless for navigation. I'm using clover 4097 and smbios MBP5.1. I also no longer have usable USB ports to use a wired or wireless keyboard and mouse. I also don't have wireless anymore so could this be a usb issue also? I have had every OS since Leopard on this machine and previously bought a Dell wireless 1390 card because the OEM Intel card wasn't compatible at the time. I also used the FakeSMC.kext from that same post which later in the thread mentions use of a disabler for Yukon as well as disabler kexts so I don't know if they are embedded in the FakeSMC. If memory serves me correctly the Yukon related issues only applied to the M1530 not the M1330. Thank you in advance for any help anyone can provide. I'm pretty rusty since I waited this long to upgrade from El Capitan.
  7. I'm so glad to see this thread is still active. I have Mavericks on my Dell M1330 now and other than HDMI everything works pretty well. I don't use sleep or hibernate. I tried downloading Yosemite from the app store and it told me it wasn't compatible. Does anyone have a great tutorial I can follow to install from a thumb drive or do an in place upgrade once I download the OS from another machine. Any other glitches I should be aware of to get it working well again or will all my old Mavericks .kexts do the trick. I am using chameleon as my boot loader. Thank you all in advance for all your help. I may go ahead and put the lastest developer preview on another partition too. What is the lastest and has anyone had any experience getting it working.
  8. How do you know osx is recognizing them? I'm using coolbook and it shows 6 speeds but I can't get to the max speed. I'm not using the chameleon flags either.
  9. Can you post your settings for chameleon if you're using it?
  10. I haven't even tried to tackle that yet. I can't even max out my p-states according to Coolbook. Windows puts me close to 2.6Ghz when it's rated at 2.4, but Coolbook only shows 2208Mhz MAX. 2392Mhz showed up a few days after the install but I can't even hit that under full load.
  11. Is there a reason you aren't using the A15 Bios? My brother has the A14 still and he's running into problems but hasn't had the time to resolve them, not sure if it's related.
  12. Can someone inspect the DSDT I made according to the first post and tell me if the differences between mine and immo's need to be changed. I can boot Lion with either file but I don't know what the diffs mean. I'm using DiffMerge to inspect the .dsl versions. I used Ubuntu 9.04 and 11.04 to pull the tables which are attached along with my patched DSDT. Immo pulled his with 9.04. Most of our patches are identical but in different places in the tree, there are a few that are different though and that concerns me because I have made at least 5 dsdt's from the first post and they all match up so I'm doing something consistently, right or wrong Also is it even possible to have sleep work when booted from a usb drive? DSDT_compare.zip
  13. The latest m1330 dsdt works on my machine but when I use the attached smbios.plist for MacBookPro 5,1 and I'm running on battery, system profiler hardware tab shows 2.4GHZ, when I run with no smbios.plist I'm listed as MacBookPro 4,1 and on battery it shows 1.2Ghz. Is FakeSMC what provides this data when no smbios.plist is used? What is the best way for me to test out speedstepping, p-states and c-states? I downloaded x-code 4.1 last night if that is of any help. I've also read that it's NOT good to use someone else's dsdt because of minor diffs, has anyone here found that to be true? I also read somewhere to change the misspelled manufactURer in smbios.plist FROM manufacter. Has anyone else done this? Is it just cosmetic or does it serve a purpose? I read it in a thread pertaining to a fix in Chameleon RC5. I redownloaded immo's again and notice he hasn't made the changes. I also read that having a correctly matched "board" reference in the smbios.plist matters. I need to get better at remembering where I read these things so I can post links like the more helpful people on this thread.
  14. I dumped my tables with a linux live cd also but I think the one I actually made changes to was one I got from DSDTSE, booting with just kexts and NO dsdt loaded from extra. I downloaded MacHg but haven't had a chance to play around with it yet. I plugged in a microsoft webcam that shows up in system profiler but only the mic works, no video. Which forum should I poke around to find a solution to that? Is there a DSDT edit to get our internal mics working? voodoohda doesn't work for me after the last motherboard I had replaced so I have speakers working through an applehda kext. I was also wondering if you knew of anyone making progress on HDMI for our machines? I have a 10.6.2 install with working HDMI and it's making me crazy that it no longer works in updates. It's the principle of it
  15. Thank you Immo and LatinMcG. I have some reading to do I used a diff tool and found 478 differences between my dsdt from the bios and immo's may 25th one. A LOT of those diffs were renamed Zeros and Ones like immo mentioned, but a lot of the mods mentioned in the guide were not in the spots the guide said to put them. Are they moved on compile? I also noticed a lot of \_SB were deleted or renamed to _SB among other changes. I see a lot of \ 's removed from many sections but not ALL. Can anyone explain to me what the \'s mean? Or direct me to info about tree structure and definitions. Thank you again. If there is anything else recommended for my signature please let me know. P.S. Is this thread going to continue as is for Lion or a new one started? Immo's dsdt doesn't work for me with lion but the one I made does, I think I used a fix from another thread (10.6.8 release) a. fter I had originally used ACPI kexts from 10.6.7. I think LatinMcG was the one who posted that fix from yet another thread. EDIT: Only 19 diffs between the dsdt I made and immo's. Looks like a lot of the diffs are the same fixes just in different places in the tree. I know I put them where the first post told me so why are they different?