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  1. What is the function of buses in AU Lab? As I can hear, it only makes the output louder and you have the possibility, to add extra effects. Do you already have any idea?
  2. Thanks macgirl, that works perfectly. What about the other aggregate device? Is this a normal aggregate device, to which you manually switch if you watch dvd for example?
  3. Hi, first, I wish everybody a merry christmas. When are the following files needed to be replaced or added? /System/Library/Extensions/IOATAFamily.kext /System/Library/Extensions/JMicronATA.kext /System/Library/Extensions/IONetworkingFamily.kext /System/Library/Extensions/RealtekR1000.kext Are they an alternative to using EFI strings? Are theses files only needed, if certain problems occurs?
  4. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    Hi, man many thanks for that tool, now my audio is almost working. I´ve used version 1.20. 4ch out and headphones (front), also mic in with back jack. Is there a possibility to change the mic in from back jack to front? Attached my linux codec dump dump.txt
  5. I have applied the mentioned file from the 10.5.6 pack: 10.5.6_kexts_pack.zip ( 1.11MB ) Number of downloads: 31 sudo mkdir /Volumes/LEOPARD/vanilla2 sudo cp -r /Volumes/LEOPARD/System/Library/Extensions/AppleHDA.kext /Volumes/LEOPARD/vanilla2/ sudo cp -r AppleHDA.kext /Volumes/LEOPARD/System/Library/Extensions/ sudo diskutil repairpermissions /Volumes/LEOPARD/ Reboot... Applied EFI strings with EFIStudio. Reboot again... It doesnt work. No mic in, no multichannel out. What is wrong? Attached kextstat, linux codec dump and screenshots. Can I provide more information for better support? Audio_MIDI_Setup.tiff kextstat.txt System_Profiler.tiff proc_asound_card0_codec_2.txt
  6. Latest_889a_AppleHDA.kext.zip ( 641.29K ) Number of downloads: 5081 Latest_Kext_package.zip ( 1.71MB ) Number of downloads: 6464 updated_kexts_for_10.5.5.zip ( 521.43K ) Number of downloads: 5042 Kexts___Post_patch_10.5.5.zip ( 1.73MB ) Number of downloads: 4556 10.5.6_kexts_pack.zip ( 1.11MB ) Number of downloads: 31 Which of these packs do you mean?
  7. Sorry, I have attached my sign. Can you give me some hints please?
  8. Hi karaakeha1, as you have the same mainboard, do you get mic in and rear out working?
  9. Headphone is working here too. Also the front speakers of my quattrophonie set. Microphone is selected as input device, but no function. Also there´s no chance to get sound out of the rear speakers, i have tested all jacks aleady.
  10. Hi, I have running a retail 10.5.6 installation on the GA-P35-DS4 mainboard. I have already tried almost everything to get the front mic in and 5.1 sound working, without success. I use the v14 package from LS8 with the "Install latest AppleHDA patched with Taruga HDA patcher 1.20 and HDAEnabler" option. Anybody here who gets these issues working or can give me some hints? Thanks for support
  11. Hi, sorry for the question, but I don´t understand this explanation. I have a running 10.5.5 installation with cameleon boot loader. Now, I want to update to 10.5.6 and get the best out of my hardware (support) with the newest kexts. DSDT thing is already done, although not needed for 10.5.6. What exactly (which files, which steps) do i need after the update? I have the GA-P35-DS4. Thanks for support, Chris