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  1. I was skeptical, but I do believe after installing this the tearing on my nc6000 is much better. Thanks for the tip. Still not perfect but close enough! Now if I could just get the battery icon without having to reseat the battery. . .I'd be very happy with my hp.
  2. I think it depends on the reasons you want the computer. If you enjoy tinkering, and like the idea of "build your own", upgrading for you may be better. For me, not. I've long ago lost the enthusiasm for self engineering my desktops and notebooks. I have both a mini and a MBP, couldn't be happier. Each does the day to day appliance type stuff wonderfully, and I do all of my system administration work with the power of Darwin at my disposal. Too many people worry about the money spent, IMO, I've saved a lot of time in avoidance of the windows compatiblity issues, antivirus, antispyware, treadmill stuff. But then again, its easier to say that if you've got the cash to afford, and have had the chance to play with any PC for free. Everything works on my macs. On the hacks I used to have, (I built several before trashing them all) they were never 100 percent, and it always bothered me that I was in a gray area of what is considered legal. So, if you are a person who wants to compare and benchmark, and get geeked about the internals, that says something for what you may prefer. For me, I'm happy to buy the machine and use it until it dies, then buy another. No upgrading here.
  3. One more comment. Now that I've had my MBP for a few months, any time I have a PC notebook in front of me I'm shocked at how my immediate reaction is disgust at the screen, keyboard, track pad, you name it. They work, but I've definitely become spoiled by the quality and asthetics of my Apple machines. I doubt I'll ever go back. I rant with the rest of them on things like heat, but the fact is, these machines are so good you always want perfection. The slightest quirk and mac people are very vocal. Not that there aren't the occassional lemons, all manufacturers have that. Overall, I'd say mac users demand the most, and get it. The difference is in the sport. Are you a "build it yourself", or do you just want to buy something that works and wish to get on with what is important in life?
  4. 1) Don't play the "what if" game. If you know what you'll be doing, buy what is out today that works for you and DON'T look back. There will always be something better, as soon as tomorrow or next week/month. Do yourself a favor and make up your mind to be happy with what you buy, or you are sure to suffer needless buyer's remorse, it's just a matter of time. Macs hold their value very well. If you are concerned about a good buy, look on ebay. Early adopters will sell there macs shortly after, or just before a rumored release. Remember, Applecare IS transferrable, 3 years on the machine, regardless of the owner. 2) I've switched to all macs within the last 2 years. I can say short of gaming, I can do everything that I need to do, and with fewer headaches. I do use Parallels, there are things that I just have to have windows for in order to work. I don't use bootcamp, and since I'm not much of a gamer, the idea of rebooting to run a windows app I need for 10 minutes is just crazy. The old PowerPCs are still a good value, but windows performance on the intel chips is a good thing, much more practical than Virtual PC. 3) I went the hacked OSX86 route for a while. You really don't get the full experience, and while it can be stable for the most part, every update is a pain, and I spent a lot of time trying to get things to work. If you are into that, Linux is a better choice IMO. If you want a hassle free machine, as hassle free as any, then get a real mac. OSX86 is a novelty, but there are concessions, things that don't work quite right, and the knowledge that what you are doing is technically illegal.
  5. Apple Releases MacBook Firmware Update

    I can only speak to the MBP, noise no worries, unless I put an ear against the case I can't hear it running. Battery, I noticed no difference, and I am going to venture it is because of the more aggressive CPU idle is conserving as much or more power than the fans use. As for life of the fan, I would think no worries. .. every Intel notebook I've ever had used the fans all of the time. Still, I agree with you, the things you mention are the tradeoffs to be concerned with. I find the fix a good one, with gains listed above outweighing theoretical losses.
  6. More Dell goodness

    Some articles have questioned the sony battery being placed in other vendor products. They even mention Apple. So, do the new Macbooks use the same or similar battery? I know apple went through this issue a few years back, so would be surprised if they are stuck in the situation again, still, curious if anyone knows the details.
  7. Apple Releases MacBook Firmware Update

    I'm going to guess this is the same update that all of the portables have gotten. Fans on low, all the time, and more aggressive cpu speed adjusting to idle when not busy. What this fix did for me on the MBP is give me an overal 20c drop in average use. It did NOT keep the unit from discomfortable heat if I'm working it hard - but it did make it a laptop again for the majority of things I do. Office and Internet work is now cool. 3D Gaming and intense cpu work (like rendering) and it is as warm as ever. I don't foresee any major change in this, even with merom. The chips get hot, and the stylish design doesn't offer anyplace for heat dissipation, other than through the slim case. This is just a fact of life, and a small price to pay for an otherwise awesome unit. The heat is not hot beyond specification, so there is no danger here, just a little discomfort if you aren't paying attention in certain usage scenerios. This is NOT a reason to avoid one of these machines.
  8. Merom MacBook Pro in August

    I have to ask, has everyone who is complaining about heat applied the SMC update? It helps, for me, by 1) running fans at low RPM constantly, and 2) slowing the CPU when idle. I'm 20c cooler on average use. Push the processors to 100% and keep them there, it still gets to hot for the lap, but that isn't the way I use my MBP most of the time. Interesting that the merom isn't supposed to be any cooler.
  9. Merom MacBook Pro in August

    I agree that the merom will not be introduced with much fanfare, if it is introduced early. There may be significant technical gains with the chip, but I'm not so sure that it will be anything the average mac owner will notice in its first releases. I'm using my 17" MBP on my lap right now, as I do every evening - it doesn't get hot doing what I do most. Push the processor, yes, I do reach for a lap tray, or put it on a table. Its fast now, what will a modest initial speed increase of what, 15%?, offer? Only after there is a major bump - cores and significant mhz increase - which I assume won't be showing up in the very first production runs of merom by Intel, will Apple draw attention to the change. Sept intro, maybe, but I don't think it will be across all machines, or a big deal. Apple is already ahead with the CoreDuo, from what I understand. They introduced and shipped ahead of the other majors to my recollection. As I watch the enterprise orders in my shop, there still aren't many duos being ordered in wintel, as they just came available in quantity in the last few weeks from the other majors. Advertised a while ago, yes, shipped, no. Maybe my experience is unique, but I'd say merom won't show up in macs for a couple of months yet, and when it does, it will be phased in quietly. I'd look for a small price break first, with an option to special order. Come December, I expect Merom in a configuration that is significantly better, in time for the holiday rush, or the January MacWorld. Personally, I'm quite happy with my machine. Is it worth waiting until December? Not for me.
  10. Windows Vista

    Frankly, M$ has been at the right place at the right time. XP was a logical improvement, retirement of the old 9X core, which stunk so bad people were desperate to upgrade. XP works for most, and I really think the majority are content. There is no need to upgrade, other than marketing M$ does to try and create the need. Vista stinks. It isn't about the end user, it isn't about feature rich computing. IMO, it is about restrictions and simplification (at the injection of extreme complexity) all in an attempt to fatten an already fat bottom line. An attempted transformation to a service oriented pay as you go model. Sort of like leasing vs. buying in some respects. Will it succeed. Yes. Will it grow at the rate M$ intends? NO. Will Apple take over the world, of course not. Will they gain market share, yes. Will Linux do the same, yes. XGL and Compiz rock BTW, if you haven't had a chance to play with it, do, it is amazing running on modest machinery. Another innovative company, Novell, is to thank. They and Apple are pushing the industry forward, consistently. M$ is still trying to take other people's ideas and package them as their own. Sort of like trying to build a new car out of used parts. When you are at the top their is no place to go but down. When you are at the top and have broken the law, repeatedly with some consequence, you may go down faster than some think possible. I know where my stock investments are (not) going - and Vista isn't changing that. I don't think we will ever see another Windoze 95, timed with the explosive start of the commercial Internet. M$ won the defacto PC market not because they were better at anything technical. They were better at business, that is for sure. Now, the boom is over, and people are settling in with computers doing what computers do. Tolerance of substandard product is lessening, thank goodness.
  11. From Hackintosh to Macintosh

    Another SMC firmware update also in the software updates. Can't wait. . .hopefully it deals with heat, which as I've said before is the ONLY thing I miss from my hackintosh adventures - the feeling of a cool laptop bottom in bed ;-).
  12. From Hackintosh to Macintosh

    10.4.7 coming down now ;-). MacBook Pro, legit, gets the updates first. Released today?! Sorry about the amiga distraction mash. I really like the article, as I said before. What is your funniest story of trying to get your hackintosh to work? Anyone else return a half dozen peripherals in their search for a working network adapter. Then, BTW, it ended up broke once I did get one as my son snapped it out of the back of the laptop.
  13. From Hackintosh to Macintosh

    LOL. Thats good. Some history on the amiga stuff. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atari_ST From the looks of it, it was a mess for both companies.
  14. From Hackintosh to Macintosh

    Bill Gates standard response, isn't it? Innovation. Regarding Amiga, from the history I remember, and possibly incorrectly, Commodore brought it to market, but only after they acquired (or was it lifted, I don't remember) the design from Atari.
  15. From Hackintosh to Macintosh

    Just a question. Wasn't the Amiga an Atari invention? (Just got done reading the Dkelley post after the above). I take from that the question of innovation. Apple lies, maybe. Apple innovates, definitely. I like google, although they have started the rounds with recent aquisitions. M$, for me, is lying anytime they claim to have innovated anything other than the way to make money off of someone else's idea. Professionally, I thank them for a decent income fixing and managing systems relient on their OS. Personally, I've become a mac user for all the reasons above.