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  1. ADB to USB adapters?

    iMate works fine here on my Hackintosh. Expensive, but the old Apple Extended Keyboard is worth the expense...
  2. Osx on thinkpad r52

    Installed Jas 10.4.6 with SSE2 patch. Speed is very good. 2D Vesa-Video runs fine, no CI/QE support (ATI X600 recognized-no kexts loaded), but runs very well as a business machine. Inegrated Ethernet (Broadcom) needed patching - search for Broadcom 5751M (Ven_ID 14E4 , Dev_ID 167D). After patching look for SetMAC. Internal Intel WLAN miniPCI card does not work (replacable - seacrch the forum). And as with all notebooks-no power management. If you plan to buy a R52 - don't do it and buy a MacBook. If you already have one, go ahead as it is quite well supported for a notebook. As I told you: 2D Graphics, Scrolling, etc. works very fast and is enough for business use. If you need CI/QE - forget that notebook. Forgot to tell what works: Internal SATA Drive-yes, Audio In-Out-yes, DVD-Burner fully supported, USB & Firewire work perfect.
  3. Mac address setting doesn't fix

    Please do a Forum search: setmac
  4. Ahhh, now I am feeling better! Don Luca, you are my man. 10 minutes are OK for me. (Haha). But seriously: It is technically impossible to offer full 3D Hardware acceleration in Parallels. Parallels can not "talk" directly to hardware, meaning it's impossible to use the 3D routines of windows games. Parallels is virtualizing all hardware: Processor, USB, etc...and the graphics card, too. We might see some significant speed boost in the 2D area, though. Cheers
  5. That day will never come. If you need to game, boot into Windows. Since 28 years I never spent more than 60 seconds on a computer game. So 3D accel. is not my problem. Parallels integrates nicely and I can do my work (programming, testing). Ah, it reminds me to tell all the dumb PC-Gamers out there: SHUT DOWN YOUR COMPUTERS, GO SWIMMING, FLIRT WITH SOME GIRLS (OR GUYS.), SLEEP, EAT, DO NOTHING OR {censored}, but hey: stop playing computer games. You are loosing precious lifetime. Sorry, that's me.
  6. VT is active and used by Parallels. Speed is very, very good. I can't tell the difference between native Win 2000 or in the VM.
  7. VGA is on board. I don't have the DVI ADD2 Card yet. I have the onboard VGA running at 1920x1200 (Dell 24 inch display). I haven't testet Final Cut (not my business) but I am sure, that the graphics are fast enough. You don't need any 3D-functions. 2D is fine.
  8. Clarification: I am currently running the 24" dell on the VGA port. I ordered the ASUS DVI ADD2 card at my online dealer - nobody has it in stock here in Germany. As the card is just a kind of loop-through I can imagine that the limitation to 1600x1200 might apply to the GMA 900. The card is officially built for both GMA950 and GMA900. We have to wait until it arrives and this might take some time... To be honest: I don't count on my machine's future. I built it to test the speed against my G5 DP 1.8 and to see how Parallels is running. I wanted OS X AND WIN on the same machine due to my work, MacBench scores are aorund 130 but this is nothing about real world "feelings" which are 100% good. All native software runs FASTER than PowerPC code on the G5 DP 1.8. The G5 will live his life as an Adobe machine from now on. My core machine is the D930 PC. For me this PC is just a gap filler until the next generation Mac towers arrive. I am sure, that Apple will deliver great performance at a good price. The relationship between Apple and Intel looks very encouraging. Apple may constantly be 3-6 months ahead of the component industry which is enough for marketing purposes and "feelings". I don't want to spend my time on fiddling around with PC components and drivers. That's why I built THIS PC and didn't use other approaches from this (GREAT!) forum. I just use it as it is. It runs fast and quiet and - as any other Mac I owned the last 15 years - it will be replaced by a newer Mac. The decision was easier to make because I can use this PC as very very good server in my environment: 4 possible SATA Drives. Raw Power for a good database and file server and AMP. This kind of setup doesn't like system updates anyway... Aperture: Well newest infos indicate that the MacBook is running aperture and it uses the GMA950. So technically, this should be fine. But we will have to wait for real world tests. There is no demo available so I can not test it for you. In my opinion Aperture has a lot of room for speed improvements. The hardware requirements are too high - they will decrease in future, optimized versions. At the end: See it as a professional. You build a PC now. You want to use certain software now. If you are happy with this, then do it. But forget the future possibilities. Using a PC like this for one year as a professional should be enough for being worth the money, but not the extra time. If you compare the total costs, Apple will always look much better than some people may think: We both own a 24" Dell display...so that one is just sitting on our desk. Home made (quality!) PC with my board 2GB RAM/160GB SATA is around 700 USD + Firewire, Bluetooth, Wireless, Apple USB Kex/Mouse, DVI ADD2, 17 inch wide screen display = 1100 USD iMac Core Duo 17" with self mounted 2GB of RAM and MiniDVI to DVI adaptor is around 1400 USD Let's say that OS X is worth 100 bucks, he? And the iMacs ATI x1600 accounts for 100 USD more value than the GMA950. What do we get? 1400/1300: 100 USD more for a future-proof real mac, full HW support and warranty. I needed 4GB of RAM and 2 faster HDs. The system runs about 30% faster than the iMac. I can replace HDs easily. I can use it as a server in the future. That was my decision. It's up to you.
  9. P5LD2-VM Installation Advice

    To everybody running through the installation fine, but unable to boot after: I found that creating 2 partitions on the OS X target disc (start installer - utilities - disk utility) made it for me. Use the FIRST partition for OS X. Seems that OS X creates an MBR entry only when creating at least two partitions. Think about Macs - not PCs... HDs are so cheap nowadays: I have one 10.000 WD Raptor SATA for OS X System and a 300GB SATA 2 for Data. I spent my old 10Gig ATA HD for Windows on IDE. Why fiddling around with Mac/Win partitions? Cheers Rudi
  10. 100% recommendation: Asus P5LD2-VM (newer P5LD2-VM DH should work as well). Everything is supported. Only sound will need some workaround. I didn't have to bother about sound because I use Soundsticks which were detected immediately - every USB-Audio device should work that easy. To build a perfect system: Asus P5LD2-VM 2 x 1 GB 667 Mhz RAM (or better 4x if you run Parallels AND Rosetta apps...) a SATA 2 drive (WD drives run fast and are inexpensive, Raptor isn't worth the price) a DVD Burner (I bought a Plextor PX-750A) Pentium D930: The best value after Intel's price drop. Chieftec Case: Inexpensive, enough room for drives, solid, no heat problems a 400-450 Watt Power Supply (you never know...ah: and take care about having 4 SATA power connectors, this baby can eat up to 4 SATA 2 (300) drives) if possible, buy a DVI ADD2 card a FireWire PCI card Then, overclock to 3.3 GHz with Asus BIOS dummy settings. (I could get it to 3.76 GHz, but the system was not 100% stable over the day, running now at 3.62 100% stable) BUT: 3.3 GHz is really,really fine. Stock CPU cooler and fan run fine, because of ASUS fan control on the board. You can even UNDERCLOCK the CPU a little bit, and switch the fan to SILENT mode in the bios. No heat problems, very quiet. IF you don't overclock to more than 3.3, then you don't even need a case fan for the chieftec case (or any midi-tower case). THTAT'S why I say: 3.3 GHz is enough.The Pentium D920/930 processors are definetly a complete different CPU than 805-830. Don't buy them - they are old, use to much power, generate too much heat. Stories about overclocked 805s? I prefer a quiet and cool system. What do you get? Processor Power is about 30% better than iMac Core Duo 2.0 GHz HD Speed is much better (with a good SATA 2 Drive) than an iMac, which is important for OS X Graphics: If you are no gamer (I am not), then this GMA 950 is really fast! I only need 2D Acceleration and the GMA950 blows away my PowerMac Dual G5 1.8 graphic card ( With an DVI ADD2 Card, you have 1xDVI up to 1920x1200 and VGA up to 1920x1200 dual display support. (I use a Dell 24" TFT and it runs great). Diabled Beam Sync: great UI speed improvement, no problems at all. Sound: If you have analog equipment, then fiddle a little bit with the AZALIA.KEXT thing. It's worth the work, because the board has HD Audio which sounds really good. Anyway - I prefer my HK soundsticks with iSUb via USB which worked right from the welcome screen. The board can run as high as 1077 MHz, so the future is yours... Myzar 10.4.5 works perfect as does Jas 10.4.6. You can stay on 10.4.5. No speed improvements and the security things don' bother me too much. Tips: Install DVD on primary IDE port, PATA IDE port (red) doesn't work Install SATA drive on a SATA master port (you have 4 SATA ports) When installing OS X, partition your hard drive as OS X then makes an MBR entry and booting is no problem. 2 partitions are fine. If you want to boot OS X from two different SATA drives, then make sure that the second drive is also on the (second) MASTER connector. When mounting the CPU fan, don't push too hard. Nor brute force needed here! If anything went wrong (bad cooling, the MB AND the CPU have emergency shutdown options. When starting BIOS first the first time, watch the CPU temperature. At standard 3.0 GHz it should be UNDER 50 degrees Celsius (40-45). An don't forget: if you stay 3.3 which is more than enough, you don't need a special CPU fan because the default setup stay really quiet. One more thing: Don't buy {censored} RAM. I use 1GB from Crucial and they ran easily at approx. 800 MHz On the other hand: Don't buy expensive GEIL HYPER TURBO GIGA WHATEVER. We are cool Mac guys, not kiddy-{censored}-game-nerd-overclockers. 3.3 GHz is enough. I am very happy with this setup. The machine runs quiet - speed, os x and app support are perfect. I wanted Parallels to run on it, so a D930 with VT is perfect. I installed Win 2000 on an IDE drive, too - just in case if I want to do a BIOS update or use speciual hardware utilities. I never saw a faster windows box! But hey, I am a Mac guy...so the AMD boyz out there will grin themselves to dead Cheers Rudi Asus P5LD2-VM Pentium D930@3.62GHz CPU Temp@50deg.celsius System Bus@967MHz 2 GB Crucial@640MHz (or so...) 1xWD Raptor 1xWD SATA2 Drive 1xPlextor DVD RW 100%happy