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  1. yo i'm trying to install osx86 onto my computer using the genereic dvd install disk and its being somewhat of a {censored}... Its worked with the vmware image before but now it seems that it doesn't want to do the native install...i've got all the fully compatible optimized hardware but i'm using my geforce right now...i'm gonna try switching back to the standard video (intel gma900) right now... Ideas?
  2. yeah, for the past six months i've wanted an ibook... but i just don't have the cash :-( so i figured this osx86 stuff would be a good preview for me since i (finally) can get a job and therefore get an ibook... i used to be rabidly anti mac and anti windowz, i love linux, but ever since i found that osx was unix based...damn...then my friend who is on college gets an ibook (also used to be rabidly anti cam) and tells me he loves it... so, now i'm saving up to make the purchase of an x86 ibook when they are available... windows...ha, i laugh at the poor bastards who insist that it is a good OS... ok. in 95ish when everyone was buying computers and not many people had the internet i could have seen it as a good os for the average user, but now that everyone is sharing broadband connections and all that {censored}...the internet can be a dangerous place and windows just doesn't have the protection it requires...
  3. Build Your Own Mac for $199

    well, i built my own 250 dollar mac... 80gb hd asrock mobo 478 celeron D 2.2ghz 512mb ddr400 ram and it kicks ASS! at first it ran slowly but as per a suggestion from 360hacker.net i deleted a tpm file and it runs FAST! you should also get rid of the intel830 graphics kext so you get QE support... only thing: this asrock mobo is weird when it comes to allocating ram for video usage... it starts out with 8mb and you can't change that...it claims (from asrock website) that it expands the gfx ram as needed... any ideas? one more prob is that the deadmoo image doens't come with sse3 files and when i patched em itunes would start but hang. i fixed this by applying the sse2 patch and now it works like a charm...
  4. Expanding Tiger HFS+ Partion!

    this is confirmed to work, did it a few days ago without the guide
  5. well, i decided that its time to try a different method of installing osx... i've patched the developer dvd for an sse3 cpu and right now i'm DDing it to a spar 8gb hd i have... my hope is to make it easier for people to install osx86 without a dvd burner...full hard drive space, no damned "bovinity" {censored}, sse3 working for those of us who have it... i'll post back wether it works or not... fingers crossed!
  6. i figured you guys might enjoy this...;-)

    well, so i guess you don't like it then... i wouldn't DARE mod a g4 case! g3? eeeeeew! g5? might put my computer in it, but sure as hell wouldn't mod it... see, mac cases (for the most part) are already beutiful...
  7. heeellllooooo! well, seeing as all this osx86 stuff came out right around the time i was looking into a g3 ibook i decided to go for that instead....(Bday gift...) in celebration of my new mac computer i decided it would be fun to trick out my compy case with white lights and some apple logos... here is a pic i took the other day of the "window" (it might end up looking like the apple on an ibook tho )