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  1. VMWare 10.7.3 update to 10.7.4

    Is there a VMWare Tools for 10.7.4? Blah. SoulDev released a 10.7.4 image only a few days ago...it must have slipped out of my RSS feeds. Well as long as this tech preview is solid I don't see any issue keeping it until the new version comes out. Doesn't expire till October anyway.
  2. I did a little searching and couldn't really find any straight answer so I guess I'll just go ahead and ask. I have OS X 10.7.3 on a VMWare setup and every time I try to upgrade to 10.7.4 it just hangs. Is there a procedure that I need to follow to allow the VMWare install to update to 10.7.4? Is it even possible?
  3. Best Netbook?

    I'm looking for the best netbook to get for installing OS X 10.6 on. Something available now(not the dell 10 or 10v all that I can get in Canada is the "New Dell mini 10") that has full hardware support. I don't care about sleep/bluetooth/card reader as much as I do full 3d support. I want to use it to program for the Apple iPhone.