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  1. I have a FW373J which has the HD3650. I am using the radeon kext as it is without adding the EDID although I did have to reboot a couple of times. I am using this with a fresh install of 10.5.6. Haven't tried it with Snow yet. Did have to use the <key>enableHWCursor</key><true/> trick to get the cursor to display correctly though. Remember to repair permissions. As a side note, since the wireless card in this laptop (intel 5100) is not compatible I bought a Dell 1510 from Ebay to replace it. Should be here in the next few days. I will send you a PM to let you know if it works.
  2. The instructions listed in post #289 from this topic worked for my Vaio. I now have 1920x1080. Should work for you too just follow the instructions exactly.
  3. The Mobility Radeon 34xx Thread

    Don't know about the 3450, but using the files in this thread I am able to change the resolution of my 3650 to 1920x1080. No QE/CI though.
  4. After a lot of searching and testing I have found a solution to the non working keyboard and trackpad on some laptops after installation of 10.5.4. I have an HP DV8000t and this installer worked for me: http://######.com/downloads/PS2Fix1054.zip Hope this helps.
  5. .zip.xxx files

    I use MacHacha (http://homepage.mac.com/julifos/soft/machacha/)
  6. HP dv8000t (please help)

    Sound is working on the dv8000! Use the instructions in the following post: http://forum.osx86project.org/index.php?s=...indpost&p=55099 Any luck getting the Go 7400 working?