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  1. Bought in October 2006. AppleCare bought me a new battery in November 2009. System is in excellent shape. Comes installed with Snow Leopard. It's stock except for the 4GB RAM upgrade. This was only owned by me. I'm a forensic examiner and IT professional, so it was well cared for. It comes with a Brenthaven slim case with the brick adapter pouch. PM or email (preferred) lutkuslaw :at: gmail :dot: com Thanks!
  2. While I have to admit the guy has a pair if he's (probably unwisely) taking on a massive corporation, I do think that his intentions may bring undue attention to the OSx86 project.
  3. unstatusthequo

    iPhone 3G on T-Mobile

    Wow I was really hoping you'd be wrong (no offense), but then I found: http://www.brighthand.com/default.asp?newsID=13807 Where I read: So I'm screwed. Wait... am I double screwed? If that last sentence is true, will the N96 even WORK on T-Mobile? Oh man this sucks.
  4. unstatusthequo

    stupid question on buying an iphone in usa

    That's what I've heard as well.
  5. unstatusthequo

    iPhone 3G Carriers

    Nah, go ahead with their silly contract and activation, then terminate contract, pay $175. Done. iPhone 3G is yours for a perceived premium.
  6. unstatusthequo

    iPhone 3G on T-Mobile

    So, I just wanted to see if there were any other people out there who are planning on getting the 3G iPhone and promptly canceling their contract so as to get around the silly "in-store activation" rule that has be and many others very, very pissed off. I should note that I've been out of contract on T-Mobile for FOUR years, and really like the freedom of not being on contract. My plan is $65 a month, and I get 1500 minutes, unlimited night and weekends, unlimited mobile to mobile, 1000 text messages, and t-zone internet. AT&T can't match it. Not even close. So, it appears that a 16GB iPhone 3G will cost $299 + state/local tax + $175 early termination fee. So it will clearly be around $500 to run this bad boy on T-Mobile. ( I am assuming the 3G will be hacked just as the 1st gen was ) And now, the question: is that even worth it? I'm gonna throw a poll up and read comments, because for me, it's that route, or wait for the Nokia N96. Thanks for the input everyone.
  7. unstatusthequo

    3G iPhone Confirmed For WWDC

    Excellent description, however, none of that changes CDMA's main drawback, and the reason I will never use it: vendor lock-in
  8. unstatusthequo

    3G iPhone Confirmed For WWDC

    Even if they did tighten up security, activating/unlocking/jailbreaking it will still probably be possible. I have great faith. Does anyone know if an external Bluetooth GPS would work well with the iPhone... whether current or supposed 3G Agreed. I LOVE being able to just buy a new phone, stick my SIM card in it, and be on my way.
  9. I haven't had the need for this on the Mac yet, but a client recently decided to have me host his current site until the new one is created. I'm familiar with HttTrack http://www.httrack.com/ and used to use BlackWidow for Windows back in the day, but haven't really had any luck finding a true OSX program for this. Free or open source would be best, but I'll take any suggestions anyone can offer. Thanks in advance.
  10. unstatusthequo

    650 and 680i chipset thread...

    8800 GTS 640 MB It's EVGA or XFX, I can't remember. Yeah the SATA read only is my only problem. Dropping an IDE in wouldn't be.
  11. unstatusthequo

    650 and 680i chipset thread...

    Yeah I'm so damn tired of Vista on my rig, and feel much more at home on my MBP, I'd love to get this on my EVGA 680i with full support. Right now, it seems that the SATA drives are a big problem, and the Quad core is also a possible problem. It sounds like onboard networking is solved? I admit I know next to nothing about installing Leopard on a hackintosh. My only experience was a JaS release on an old Dell Dimension, which actually worked quite well. If anyone starts a DVD and wants a tester, the basics of my rig are: EVGA 680i XFX 8800 4 GB Corsair Dominator Quad Core SB Audigy 1 TB SATA RAID storage 2x 74 GB SATA RAID Raptors 2x Lite-On SATA DVD burners 17 in 1 flash card reader. I'll gladly scrap my Vista installation to make the rig a test system for those more talented in the actual DVD building. Wish I could help more... still learning this stuff. I think it would be great if the forums could add a Wiki post as the second post (like at slickdeals.net) so that collaboration on a solution could be kept updated without sifting through 14 pages of threads. It would certainly help streamline the process of what works/what doesn't.
  12. unstatusthequo

    Anti-iPhone Campaign

    Wow. Fanboy alert in this thread! I love my Nokia N95, and to me, it was a far better option than the iPhone. I don't have to screw around with my hardware to do what I want. I also pay less, not only for the phone upfront, but monthly. 1500 minutes, night/weekends/data for $75. Suck it, AT&T. And while I like Apple, I think they should have just released an unlocked version and not even bothered partnering with AT&T. I also think they screwed the customer a little by not including a microSD slot, onboard GPS, flash, etc. N95 has all of that, and more. I can check gmail, google maps with traffic, find the nearest anything with the built in maps, surf with opera or the built in browser, stream to it through Orb, play movies FROM it to my TV, listen to music WITHOUT headphones, use any MP3/AAC/other as my ringtone without paying Apple or using any workarounds, and I also have a REAL camera on it (one of the two cameras on it), which actually has even better clarity and color than I expected. Oh and for all that I can choose GSM/GPRS or WLAN with WPA2 support. Sorry, I just don't get it. Fanboys will say "but no touchscreen!" I don't care. Navigating is easy enough and I never have an issue. I don't need the silly animations to make me happy. I've had Nokia phones for 10 years. Never had one fail on me, and I've dropped/beaten/tossed them, and they keep going. Never had OS lockups, slowness, or any other issues that made me sick. And last of all, I'm very happy that I can just eBay my phone anytime I want, and put the money towards a newer model without dealing with the contract extension {censored}. All in all, it's a great marketing tactic whether or not you like it. Nokia does have an edge there for sure, nobody can deny it. Unlocked vs. locked. Facts are facts, sorry. And on top of it, Nokia just acquired Navteq, so the "finding anything anywhere" will only get better in the future. I love my MacBook Pro and my iPod, but I'm not into the iPhone. Not yet. Not until they break free of the AT&T shackles and add some necessary features.
  13. unstatusthequo

    Windows Experience Index Scores

    I beat all of you, hands down with a whopping 9.9 on the Index...see the attached Vista Experience Index attachment for your pwnage. I installed Vista Ultimate on my Cray X1E (get yours here: http://www.cray.com/products/x1e/index.html). No, but seriously, if you wanna bet your friends that you'll beat their score, try this on for size: 1. Navigate to C:\Windows\Performance\WinSAT\DataStore. 2. Open up the most recent file in that folder. Make sure that your account has write access to that file. If not change the file permissions. 3. Parse the file looking for the WinSPR entry. (see my WinSPR attachment for what it looks like) These are the items you want to edit. The maximum value you can use is 9.9. 4. Save the file and you just turned your weak-ass system into a supercomputer. 5. Profit! Any proceeds from betting your unsuspecting friends can be donated to keep this site up. Disclaimer: Before my little hacks I was 5.7... EVGA 680i, 4GB Corsair Dominator, GeForce 8000 (the 640mb version will get you the 5.7... get the 768mb version if you want the 5.9), WD Raptors, etc.
  14. unstatusthequo

    help - Hangs on BSD root

    I'm in a similar situation. With one DVD drive I get read errors, and with the other I get the BSD root issue. I've tried the rd=diskx0x with many combinations, and none really work. I'm going to try messing around with some mobo settings. My setup is similar. It's an ASUS M2NPV-VM (AM2 socket) with nForce 430 chipset. If I was to bet, I would say the nForce 430 is the problem. I have I sata drive which I unplugged to try and rule that out, and the only thing I've accomplished is the computer taking an HOUR to get from boot to the installation screen background with the colored pinwheel going. I ended up shutting down, figuring that if the bootup was that painfully hellish, installation would be pointless.
  15. unstatusthequo

    Banned from oink, why?

    Exactly. I just sent an admin a pretty pissed off post about how damn postcopish they are, and got a stern reply back. So, I take my plea to the forums with a nice long post about how it would be nice to allow elearning videos that are NOT of applications, instruments, or whatever their third extremely focused third category is. That post lasted ALMOST a minute. So, my official thoughts are {censored} OINK. I'm downloading my entire ration allotment right now, and more, and will continue to do so until they ban me. I've also invited myself at different email addresses twice now so I can sell those on eBay and get my donation to their site back. And if any OiNK admins are reading this, I have a message for you. Shrink your head a little. You are not the all-powerful interwebs god you think you are. Oh, and {censored} off, jackasses. Once I sell my invites on eBay, I'll send you a thank you card with my IP address on it so you can ban my IP address from the site.