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  1. OpenGL only Works AFTER Single User

    I already turned everything else off, and I really don't see how changing slots would help, but I will try it.
  2. OpenGL only Works AFTER Single User

    I hate to ask specifically for something like that, although the DSDT could be at fault. It was generated using DSDT Auto Patcher (and I made sure to have not been using a DSDT when I generated it) My BIOS is current (There are 0 revisions. hahah)
  3. OpenGL only Works AFTER Single User

    yes to sig. yes to updates. yes to 64bit. I have been doing this since before Apple even had official Intel systems, so I would like to think I am pretty smart when it comes to this stuff, but I can't figure out why I need the force and verbose flags in the first place, let alone fix the obvious bug in the bootloader. Awesome, the 570 rocks. I can play absolutely everything on Ultra or Extreme under Win. The performance is actually pretty great under OS X too, its just annoying to have to -f -v every damn boot.
  4. OpenGL only Works AFTER Single User

    Woohoo! Someone else has this problem. I am not happy this is happening to you, just feel a bit relieved that it is not just me. lol. I have an EVGA GTX570SC. My mobo is a Gigabyte GA-EP45T-USB3P. I am using the 10.6.7 kexts for IOPCIFamily and AppleACPI because even with the npci=0×2000 boot flag, I was stuck at PCI configuration begin. ATY_Init is completely unneeded btw, there is no difference. I hope we can figure out a solution to this. We actually have two problems going on. One that requires us to force load the kexts at every boot (which means we have some issue that actually needs solved) and the problem that makes the bootloader fail without the -v flag. Does anyone have any other ideas?
  5. OpenGL only Works AFTER Single User

    Tried it, renamed correctly, no dice. Exact same behavior. The card needs -f -v to work correctly. Thanks for the attempt though. lol
  6. OpenGL only Works AFTER Single User

    That is an old post, and is snow leopard only. That is about an old Nvidia update, offers no QE/CI support, and only works in snow leopard. What it comes down to is I have discovered a bug in the bootloader, and I should prob submit a bug report to either Apple or the Voodoo team, as I am not sure who's fault it is that -f won't work in lion without the verbose option. I am assuming there is another reason I am having these issues, most likely hardware related, but the -v -f does fix the problem for now, even if the fix isn't proper. Hopefully an update to either Lion or Cham. will fix the problem
  7. OpenGL only Works AFTER Single User

    Null was just left in there as I have a partition with no DSDT that I use for quick reimaging on different systems, but I removed it anyway. The 570 does not work with GE unless you edit the plist file in the kext. And after that, it only works on the first reboot. All subsequent reboots do not have acceleration unless I boot with -f -v (the -v is actually required, I believe it is a bug in the bootloader, but -f won't work without -v), or single user mode. Using the Kernel cache does not fix the problem, I have already tried. I will attach my .kext file, but all I changed was one line in the info.plist file. For now, booting with -f -v works, but takes longer, and I can't see the pretty apple screen, and I shouldn't have to do this. -f simply has no effect unless verbose mode is also added. NVDAGF100Hal.kext.zip
  8. Does -F work in Lion?

    Ok, I figured it out, and hopefully the right people read this, because I found a bug. In Chameleon 2.0RC5 Trunk 1083, -f DOES work, but ONLY WHEN -V IS USED ALSO. I have confirmed this by testing through mutiple reboots. On the reboots using -V, -f worked successfully, and I have full OpenGL support. If -v is not used, and only -f is, I do NOT have OpenGL support and my system goes to hell.
  9. Does -F work in Lion?

    Hello, This is related to another post I have in the post-install forum, but I figured I would focus on a single issue here. Does the -f kernel flag actually work in Lion? I am having a problem with a system that when I boot into single user mode, and then simply type exit, I have full graphics acceleration, but if I do a normal reboot, I do not. I am assuming this is related to the fact that booting -s reloads all kernel extensions, so I assumed that the -f flag would work, but it does not seem to be doing anything at all. Does anyone know if it actually works, and I simply have another issue, or is this a known bug, or is there a way around this? Thank you!
  10. OpenGL only Works AFTER Single User

    The 570 is working in Lion with nothing more than editing the .plist file in the GF100HAL.kext. And yes I am using KextWizard. It has been confirmed multiple times. I am using a patched DSDT, the correct one for my motherboard. The problem (I believe) lies in GeForceGLBundle getting either its permissions changed, or getting corrupted during the boot process. Even if I repair permissions from another drive, it doesn't fix the problem. I must boot into Single User mode and mount the drive to fix (after a permissions repair). Where is the kernel.log file found? I will attach it if I can find it EDIT: Found it I know that -X kills openGL, but it also does a bit of hard drive maintenance, the reason I even mentioned it was that booting with the -X flag, and then rebooting I still have the problem. I need to find a way to force load the kexts at every boot, because afik, the -f flag no longer works in Lion. I am using the latest revision of Cham. installed to the hard drive. The first file is after a normal reboot, and the second (2kernel) is after booting single user so I have full acceleration. Basically, I need a lion alternative to the -F boot flag, because that appears to not be working (might be a bug in the bootloader), but booting to single user mode force loads the kernel extensions. As some proof to this, I just entered single user mode, simply typed exit, and let it boot without modifying permissions or even mounting the drive. I have full graphics acceleration, however, it is extremely stupid that I have to do this at every boot. kernel.log.txt 2kernel.log.txt
  11. OpenGL only Works AFTER Single User

    If anyone could even explain the difference between booting to single user then booting vs a normal reboot that would be greatly appreciated so I can try to fix this myself. I even did a clean install and the same problem is happening. Gigabyte EP45T-USB3P, Core2Quad, EVGA GTX 570 SC..
  12. Ok, I have been struggling with this for a few hours, so I figured I might as well just ask. I have Lion installed (GM) and I have a GeForce GTX 570. I have full graphics acceleration by adding my device ID to the kext. This worked great after install, I played SC2 beautifully and everything was rainbows. After I rebooted however, I lost openGL support, Chrome would crash, the whole system becomes unstable and goes down. Rebooting into safe mode, then rebooting again does not fix the problem, however, booting into single user mode, mounting the hard drive, then giving it the exit command to boot, DOES fix the problem. I have tried repairing permissions multiple times, booting with the -F flag, and a few other things, but for some reason, after every reboot, I MUST use single user mode (just boot into it, mount the hard drive, and exit) in order for my card to function properly. Does anyone have any idea why this could be, or how to fix it so I don't have to keep doing this?? Thanks!
  13. PCI Configuration Begin

    Is there a fix for this at all aside from adding the EFI string to the boot.plist? (Anyone have a string for a GTX 570?)
  14. PCI Configuration Begin

    Add me to the DSMOS has arrived camp. Gigabyte EP-45T-USB3P GTX 570 The only way I can even get there is if I swap the IOPCIFamily and Apple kexts with the ones from snow leo. I tried rominators suggestion on netkas's site of unplugging the monitor before boot, and still no dice. It never even tries to load the desktop. I am sure once the final retail release is out, someone will fix this, but in the mean time, does anyone have any ideas? EDIT: I AM using ATY_Init, but it is not working obviously.
  15. Geforce 500 Series

    Can you describe how functional semi is? Lol. I think I am going to try running Lion here in a day or two. I really prefer OS X as my main OS, but I can't really do that until Starcraft works with the GTX 570