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  1. iMon LCD and LCDProc solution

    The Imon Pad and the volume knowb work somehow through device that controls the IR and LCD too, though they need (if I understood correctly) different programming. I know that EPOOCH was working on the IMON PAD with some users but I got no interest in that remote and I cannot recall about that. Go to his website and check it out. http://maclcd.blogspot.com/ Good luck!
  2. firewire PCI card not working !

    After trying the EXSYS EX-6450, I can use Firewire but not like in a real Mac. I can use it for my Apogee Duet like normal, but not for my iSight. The iSight does not get recognized. If anyone knows the reason, help would be much apreciated.
  3. iMon LCD and LCDProc solution

    Hi! I certainly know that your Device ID has successfully been programmed to work with the driver from the same website you downloaded it (maclcd.blogspot.com). Besides, I know the programmer told me he succeeded and he even has a picture of it working, and it is not an VFD. I would recommend you asking him in his website. The man who programms these drivers is very cool. My idea is that if it says "Module /usr/local/lib/lcdproc/imon.so could not be loaded " means that the driver was not loaded. Ok, that was a very "bright" thing to say, I know, but what I mean is that the driver address was not properly specified. In order to do so, you have to edit the LCDd.conf file and mention where did you put the driver, imon.so in the system. I think you cannot edit this imon.so file directly, but you can edit the file imon.c before compiling (that is installling the script) so that the script compiles it with the right information. In this imon.c file you have to put the Device ID (the 0038 right?) and the manufacturer. I had these problems too, but I was not the one who succeeded making everything, that was the programmer from this website. If you dont succeed with my help, sorry, then you will have to ask there because I dont think I know much more. Send me the files Imon.c and LCDd.conf if you want me to check that they are right, though I warn you, I will help as much as I can, but I cant promise anything. Hope it was of some help this information. Good luck!
  4. iMon LCD and LCDProc solution

    To all the Silverstone LC16M owners interested, I post here a Controllermate configuration file that will make all the buttons in the case work with the exception of the volume knob. Luckily I read that Controllermate is free to use if you programm no more than 8 buttons, and this case has 7 (plus the volume knob that I cant figure out how to do that). I inserted a couple scripts on the "drivers", one for the stop button and another for the mute button. Both editable in Controllermate. By default I only programmed the stop button to stop any movie or music being played in iTunes, DVD Player or Quicktime. If you want to add more programms, its very easy to add more in Controllermate. I did not include more programms there because if you dont have one of these programms installed that the script calls, it will show an annoying window saying that the computer does not find the programm anywhere. If anyone would like to try to programm a driver for the volume knob I would be very happy to help as much as I could, though that is just beta testing because I am not a programmer.
  5. Look for Occijano's audio patch in this forum. He and many other people have extensively contributed to this community to make drivers for AlC 662 audio. I hope you are lucky because I am about to try to update my system from 10,5,1 to 10,5,6, if you have any good advice, share with me, thank you!
  6. Modded ALC662 & Sigmatel 9223 with codec verbs

    I am using GA-945-GCM-S2L and I am experiencing the same problem. I have installed Kartri's .KEXT and everything works perfectly, except DIGITAL OUT. If any programmer wants to make a driver that works for digital out too, dont think twice and contact me, I will help in every possible way I can to help and trying the drivers.
  7. iMon LCD and LCDProc solution

    Hi, the driver for this VFD has been successfully developed. It has not been released yet, but it will be soon. You will be able to find it in the website: http://maclcd.blogspot.com/ I show a picture from his website. That case is a Silverstone LC-16M with a Imon Soundgraph VFD which Vendor ID is: 0x15c2 and Product ID is 0x0036 as well.
  8. I wanted to add the PNY Geforce 7300 GS that I use but this manufacturer is not there to be chosen.
  9. Modded ALC662 & Sigmatel 9223 with codec verbs

    With all the respect, what is the difference between using Cartri's and a legacy kext that loads from the /extra folder? is it just a mere purist desire to have the most similar thing to a mac (no ofense please) or is there a reason for it? is it better?
  10. Modded ALC662 & Sigmatel 9223 with codec verbs

    This board (GA-945-GCM-S2L) has Digital Out!!! The motehrboard has the support but if you want to connect it to, lets say a Stereo Receiver with SPDIF or optical fiber cable then you must purchase the Digital Out SPDIF/Optical Bracket, that can be found in eBay,for example. If you want front mic I suggest you download the Cartri's kext from this same thread, post #80, that supports front mic.
  11. XFX Geforce 8500 GT 512MB

    I tried this but I could not succeed. I have a XFX Geforce 8500 GT with 512 Mb VRAM. No luck for me. I followed the tutorial step by step. I am using a Gigabyte GA-945-GCM-S2L motherboard.
  12. Hi! I bought the same firewire pci card but I cannot detect still any device. I am using Kaliway Leopard 10.5.2 with a Gigabyte GA-945-GCM-S2L. I would like to ask, did you use any drivers to make it work? should I modify something so that it works?
  13. where is this retail disk? oh, and if I install this legacy audio kext are all the ins and outs going to work? is it better than the one posted in the post #80 of this forum?: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=133460
  14. Hi all, after a couple months using this motherboard and following this thread I want to share some good things I found. SOUND DRIVERS FOR ALC 662 FOUND IN OUR GA-945-S2L MOTHERBOARD: A better driver than the one posted here exists in this thread in the post #80 by Carti: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=133460 and you can download it here: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?act...st&id=39961 it is reported by the author and by me to work as: Line Out (green back) working. Line In (blue back) doesnt work. Mic (pink back) working (but u have to choose mic number 2). Headphones (green front) working very nice Mic (pink front) working as mic2 (yes, the same from back, i see no problem anyway). Digital Out? (not tested yet) A good advice for when you want to use this drivers are to install Soundsource, a free application from Rogue Amoeba that can be found free to download in his website: http://www.rogueamoeba.com/freebies/download/SoundSource.dmg REBOOTING FIXED (really?) It has been given to me a KEXT to fix the rebooting problem of this motherboard that I installed with Kexthelper 0.7 in my Kaliway 10.5.3 install, and made my whole install unable to boot, though Dolcezeus reported me to be working. If anybody could make it work it would be nice if this person could post how could this person succeed. HARDWARE REPORTS I want to report that the PNY Geforce 7600 GS graphics card I have works out of the box. I am using a DVD RW DRU-190A that works perfectly for me. I have been reading here that it could only make work SATA drives, but mine is IDE and works out of the box perfectly, I can read and write with Toast without problems.