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  1. I've had it working before just can't seem to get it to work properly this time around. I'm using iportable snow, installing the x1600 kexts with kexthelper, repairing permissions and changing my boot.plist for the proper resolution, i tried changing the pciroot as well in the boot.plist, i still just keep ending up with a blank screen, it seems to be loading the os just not sure why i have no picture. when i boot in verbose mode i can see where is says it could not load any of the ati kexts for the card. also i removed the "framebufferdisabler" kext as suggested in the iportable read me. any help would be awesome. thanks nate system specs asus p5ld2 mobo sapphire radeon x1600 pro pci card iportable snow 10.6.3
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    dell gx520

    i recently installed os x on a friends gx520, everything went very smoothy i got the sound working and the nic working great, the only issue is when i restart i have to keep manually telling the computer what the mac address is. is there some sort of script or something that i can make so it will do this on every restart? or am i just missing something else to make it stick? it keeps going back to all zeros. ifconfig en0 ether <your mac address here> is there a way to save this setting after i get it working? thanks -nate