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  1. OS X Tiger on Macbook 4,1

    thanks for the reply. I did have to repair permissions but i figures out the problem. In the networkinterfaces.plist, it showed the wireless being en0 but i should be en1. Changed the iointerfaceunit to 1 and all worked flawlessly. But I do have two other problems. The system freezes when i try to put it to sleep. Its not that it wont wake up. I will not go to sleep. the screen freezes as soon as i click on sleep. And i know this has been discussed in other places many times but is there a way to get tiger to read the intel gma x3100? It shows i have 64mb of video memory when i of course have 144. I thought about using callisto in some way but is that possible? Would i be able to get qe?
  2. Can someone help me? I managed to install Tiger on my macbook 4,1 with an intel macbook restore disc from my old macbook. I purchased the 4,1 in the summer of '08 for school from my university's apple store. Right now I am dual booting os x 10.4.11 and os x 10.5.7. I have only run into a few problems. Right after install when you have to set up your user accounts and everything, it asks me to choose the wireless network. I chose mine and all went well, it was connected. but when i got through all of it and the os loaded completely, it showed that i was connected to my router through the built in ethernet and that the airport card was not configured. That would be fine except when i restart the computer it stops working. The ethernet port works correctly now but i cannot get airport to configure. I have tried so many different kexts and i have all of the updates. nothing seems to work. Any help?