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  1. Acer Aspire One A150: iPC OSx86 10.5.6

    Hey Everyone! I was just wondering if anyone is working trying to make the ext. mic input work. I've tested many kext's for it and I've found that in every try that "works" only 3 out of the 4 audio devices work (speakers, headphones, internal mic, line in) isn't there a way to try to incorporate those kext's into a fully working audio kext? also, every time I try to look up the info on the graphics in system profiler I get a KP, I'm running XxX distro updated to 10.5.8 and everything works great just the external mic, card readers(of course) and this. cheers, Ed
  2. Guide to install mac os x on acer aspire one d250

    I´d recomend that you look up those terms in Wikipedia if you want a really good explanation for those terms. you might as well want to know a bit about UNIX and the way it works. cheers,
  3. I´d tell you to save yourself the time to look for a DVD-Rom that works perfectly for this kind of things, it´s best to buy an 8Gb USB stick and run the OS installation from it... It´s worked for me. plus no wires at all. cheers, Ed
  4. OK, if your AAO still has the original BIOS I would recomend updating it to the latest version. I believe a couple of pages back there is a link for version 3309. so the answer is yes, YOU DO NEED TO UPDATE THE BIOS TO THE LATEST POSSIBLE BUT DO NOT FLASH THE SAME VERSION TWICE (it won't hurt the computer at all but time is money, and doing this will just waste time) hope this is what you're looking for. cheers, Ed
  5. there's no need to flash the BIOS with the same version every time you're reinstalling any type of OS, it is only needed if there is a BIOS update. so the answer is no, you don't have to flash it if you've done that already cheers
  6. the "-f" boot flag is only needed when you're using the generic Atheros AR5007, it forces the card to start up at boot. if you have already switched the WiFi for the dell you don't need that at all since the OS should recognize it without installing anything else. Guldan: the graphics card on the AAO has a max resolution of 1024 x 600, I don't think there is any possible way to change that to a higher res. It might be possible to cheat the system somehow to show more display options but the card would simply fail. it's got to do with the GPU in the card more than with the OS itself and also the screen affects the results. (mostly the screen) you can hook up an external display (Monitor or TV with VGA port) and you can change the res on that to the max the external display can go. checked it with my HDTV and got the TV's highest res (1360 x768) Cheers and Happy new year everyone! Ed
  7. so this means that the Atheros WiFi works fine with xXx 10.5.6???? because I'm dwonloading it right now to give it a try.... also an update for those using xXx 10.5.5 with the atheros WiFi, I've seen that if I install any SW that needs Quartz enabled the WiFi stops working upon reboot... any comments about what the Quartz options has to do with any other preference pane or any plist??? like I have said before I don't know much about mac, this is my first try at the apple language.... cheers, Ed
  8. It didn't bother me at all, i'm as curious as anybody else, tho I emphasize my question.... I mean I wouldn't mind trying out Vienna, once it reaches RTM but meanwhile I think we just need to be patient that's all. besides we Mexicans never get mad before xmas, we just have a beer (Victoria) and say SALUD! heheheh... once again Merry Xmas to all
  9. OK, I only have one question for you... we're pretty close to make OS X work almost flawlessly on the AAO, why would you wanna try an OS that hasn't even reached the BETA state like Vienna????? anybody?????
  10. you might wanna try the guide I posted a couple of pages back in this blog. Ed. PS don't forget to add the "-f" (without quotes) flag in your com.apple.Boot.plist
  11. Have you tried starting the OS in verbose or safe mode (-v or -x)? you might be able to see if there is a panic! somewhere.....
  12. I would really love an answer for that but you know, it's not many of us that are trying to make the generic WiFi work under OS X most people would rather open up the machine and swap the card (which under my perspective, it kinda defeats the purpose of what we're doing here, which is make the OS work with what you have) so I don't really think we'll get an answer for that if it only regards the Atheros WiFi or say SIS chipsets (which are really bad anyways under any OS lol) maybe if it interferes with any other device of more importance like the screen or so... but then again if someone can give us an answer on that would be awesome Hapy Holidays to all Feliz Navidad to all
  13. YEHA!!! I thought I had mentioned the "-f" flag on the instructions, Seriously my bad, I have updated it so no one has that issue. cheers btw, I have found some spanish (http://sinmessenger.com/servlets/loginPage) website with a java version of Windows Live, and allows video call; the only thing is that I can't get the mic to work on:S it does recognize the webcam right off the bat and I know the mic works for recording but I know it doesn't work with say skype, AMSN and some other crossplatform SW, any comments about how to fix that? I'm running XXX 10.5.5 with the guide I posted before. cheers Ed.
  14. I had the same problem with my HD TV I stupidly enabled mirror display and lost both screens hehe, here's how I fixed it: 1. enable the "Show Displays in Menu Bar" option under display preferences. 2. once the displays Icon shows on menu bar, click on it and select "Number of Recent Items", set that to 5 3. Connect your external monitor (or TV) and of course you'll get those annoying vertical lines 4. disconnect it and screen goes back to normal except that now on your displays icon you can see the last external device that was connected and the mirror option 5. place the mouse pointer over "Turn Off Mirror" but don't click it yet!! 6. connect the TV again and make sure the mouse doesn't move at all!! 7.once you have the vertical lines showing juct click! (I'd recommend to use the click button since tapping might move the pointer and you'd have to repeat step 5 and to last) and voila! you got the one screen showing (the internal LCD) then just change the resolution on the external display until you get image. you might also want to screw around with the TV resolution to get the best image hope this works for you. Cheers Ed BTW! from what I know Mirror display doesn't work on some TV's if not at all
  15. OK for anyone that is interested I got the Atheros WiFi card to work following the post above but doing some small modifications which I'm about to post. brgroup: hope you don't mind me copy pasting and thanks for the installation guide it really helped. Now, before I proceed i have to let you know that I have not installed update 10.5.6 basically for the reason that everything is working quite well right now and I don't feel the need to upgrade quite yet. Now this is how I did it. If you haven't done so, update your xXx disc with the PPF3 patch and then try choosing these for your AAO as a start (at your own risk): Check - Essential System Software Check - PC_EFI9 (needed to update to 10.5.6 next week) Check - DSDT patch (needed to update to 10.5.6 next week) Check - Essential Kexts Check - Kernel = Voodoo 9.5 v1.0 (you can choose whichever you'd like or no choice for default) Check - Chipset = ICHx Check - Video = GMA950 0x27 AAO version Check - Network = Realtek1000 (you'll probably need an ethernet connection to get through the setup routine) Check - Atheros Driver Support (not sure if it helps to get the WiFi done but install it just in case Check - Audio = ALC268 AAO version Check - Power = ACPIBatteryManager Chun Nan version Check - Others = Boot Prompt (for some reason Darwin boot options weren't showing up without this) Check - USB fix Check - Tools After setup, 1) Change Sleep settings to Never 2) If you used Voodoo kernel you can edit com.apple.boot.plist to add "cpus=2 -f" for Hyperthreading (the -f is to get the wifi to be recognized), tho' I haven't been able to get this to show in profiler on my machine. 3) Add a longer Darwin timeout in com.apple.boot.plist - I changed mine to 30 sec so I have plenty of time 3) Change trackpad settings to tap/click if you want CAVEATS: Sleep doesn't work Oh yeah, always boot with -v until your machine is dialed in so you can see what's happening! So basically this is what I chose for the installation of XXX (for patching I used "PPFOMATIC", can find it googling it) now the wireless is quite easy First install all third party SW you might wish to have on your machine then download the IO80211Family.kext from : http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=135572 and install it using Kexthelper Repair disk permissions and restart MOST LIKELY YOU'LL GET A PANIC! SCREEN AT FIRST (no worries) do a HARD REBOOT and turn the machine back on. Once you are in OSX if you look at the Airport icon at the top it will say "Airport Not Configured" or something along those lines. DON'T TURN IT ON YET!! Open Kismac (which i'd assume that you have already copied into the utilities folder) go to Preferences and add the Apple Airport Extreme card, passive mode and exit preferences. but don't exit kismac Now it's time to open Network Preferences and follow the Assistant (I created a network called WiFi) do the typical "Next", "Next", "Next" until you get a message that says that the Airport card needs to be Turned on (TURN IT ON) then keep that screen open Go back to Kismac. click Start Scan, Enter password and Voila! you'll see routers lining up in the list. We're not done yet! hehe close Kismac and Don't Save scan results BACK on Network Preferences Assistant click RESCAN and now VOILA!! all your networks are recognized, so find your network, type your pass and connect and DONE!!! After that everytime you turn on the machine just open Kismac (no need to reassign driver) run a scan. once you see the net works exit (without saving) and then click on your handy Airport Icon on top of the screen select your network and now you can connect any time you like HOPE THIS HELPS! PS UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES AT ALL ENABLE QUARTZ GL OR YOUR WIFI WILL STOP WORKING AND DISABLING IT BACK WON'T DO A THING (QUITE IRONICALLY NOT EVEN RESTORING KEXT'S WILL DO) AND THE ONLY WAY I FOUND TO RE ENABLE WiFi WAS TO RE-IMAGE MY SYSTEM.