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  1. Callisto Technical Discussion

    Before anyone ask, this is the process to make a usbkey boots DOS, remember that you PC needs to be able to boot from USB devices. Tools needed - HP USB Disk Storage Media (http://www.apcstart.com/usb/software/SP27213.exe) - Get-EDID (http://john.fremlin.de/programs/linux/read-edid/get-edid-dos.zip) - A USB DRIVE (Safe the content, you need to format) Process - Intall HP USB Disk Storage Media - Select your USB Drive (Be sure is your USB Driver because you need to format it) - Select "Quick format" - Select "Create a DOS Startup disk" and "Using Internal MS-DOS system files" - Press Start to format - When it finish copy to your drive the contents of get-edid-dos.zip - Reboot - Enter in BIOS config and set USB device as first boot device - Save & Exit - When DOS boots, just do GET-EDID.EXE EDID-OUT Hope it helps.
  2. Callisto Technical Discussion

    I'm using 10.4.5
  3. Callisto Technical Discussion

    No luck with my 9600 mobile,.... my native res is 1920x1200 but I get out of sync with this and with all other resolutions. Thanks omni.