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  1. Leo 10.5.1 with EFI... kind of

    As I know, you need a "Core Technology" processor that supports HPET to run vanilla kernels. Like Core Duo, Core 2 Duo, Pentium Dual Core (not pentium d, the new ones), Celeron 420, etc.
  2. P5W DH Deluxe Wifi Driver?

    Driver loads fine on a P5B Deluxe with the same Realtek 8187L. But same problem with Realtek Utility, can't load it, so can't select a network to connect
  3. It's a custom made Intel motherboard.. for the first Intel desktop products (iMac, Mac Mini) was a custom 945G/ICH-7 motherboard with EFI and a TPM Module with a key supplied from Apple. Even if you get the same motherboard, you can't just boot OS X on it because you don't have the TPM Key and the Apple EFI modules to boot. But, that's why the Intel 945G mobos are the most compatible with OSx86.
  4. RTL8187L Driver From Realtek

    The card is working, but the utility wont start =(
  5. Asus P5B Wifi Wireless?

    Sorry for bumping an old thread, but the realtek drivers now works! My Realtek 8187 USB (Asus WiFi) is detected as a network interface, the problem now is the configuration utility from realtek doesn't work, so I can't configure it to connect somewhere
  6. @munky: Which ones? My X1800XL did not on a ECS 945G-M3 (945G chipset), even though the GMA950 from that chipset woke up from sleep fine, and on a Asus P5B Deluxe (965P) didn't woke up either. My laptop (Dell 6400 i945G-M based with GMA950 wakes up fine too). @Fronobulax: Which are your system specs? Try on the terminal: "sudo pmset -a hibernatemode 0" (without quotes) and then try sleep again.
  7. I think it's a driver problem. Since on Windows i think it makes a call to the video drivers to do a "wake up" to the vga since for me it appears "R520LE BIOS 500/500" or something like that before booting into windows again. I guess sleep works on the GMA950 because is the system most identical to a real mac and maybe Intel didnt bother in making an efi subsystem for it, and for the ATI cards when the computer wakes up the drivers are doing an EFI call to wake the card up, but our cards use BIOS, so it never wakes up. Maybe with some magic from Natit someday we will have wake from sleep.
  8. V3000 Woes SATA

    It doesn't matter. I connected my laptop SATA disk on my desktop and then plugged it back on my laptop and I didn't have problems at all.
  9. Tried the new 10.4.9 kernel from netkas and my results are: Dell Inspiron 6400, GMA950, Core Duo T2300: - Closing the lid keeps the system awake, but screen doesn't go up after it opens. - Sleep DOES work, I disabled safe sleep with sudo pmset -a hibernatemode 0, and then sleep works just fine. Desktop from my signature: - S3 Sleep seems to work, but screen doesn't come up. - Didn't try S1 Sleep.
  10. Just would like to add that you should backup System.kext too, since this kext is related to the kernel.
  11. 10.4.9 update from software update

    I don't get a kernel panic but screen freezes at "Started CPU 01" That happens with the hpet kernel, without hpet, i get a kernel panic at the same message. Tried my paulicat kernel backup, can't boot too.. Guess it's time for a reinstall
  12. Talking about sleep and waking up.. I've closed my laptop lid when I went to sleep (so, the laptop goes into sleep mode), and when I woke up today, I was hopeless so I just opened my laptop and I was ready to shut it down, but I just pressed a key and the system woke up! But if I close the laptop lid and open it up inmediately, video won't be up again, but the system is responsive. My laptop is a Dell Inspiron 6400
  13. Teclado Español México (Layout)

    heatz, veeo que tienes un Inspiron 6400 tambien, bastante parecido al mio y que tambien tiene teclado latinoaméricano. mi pregunta va a que si tienes correctamente configurada la tecla ">", "<" (a la izquierda de la tecla Z), ya que a mi esta tecla me funciona donde esta la tecla que esta a la izquierda de la tecla 1, y la tecla original no funciona. Es un detalle menor pero me gustaría que estas dos teclas funcionasen como corresponden.
  14. EPDM ideas seems logical and they have some sense. I wondered too about this, if you take a look at the games released to the PC platform years ago they were quality titles about almost everything. Nowadays the PC gaming focus mainly on FPS and MMORPG games, because the main limitation of porting these games to a console is you are really dependant of the mouse and the keyboard. But with a keyboard/mouse add-on for the xbox they would supply that lack without problem. Dunno if most of you like FPS gaming, on my case I just don't like them, my favorites are RPG's and Square seems will never release a Final Fantasy for the PC again (besides the online one, but that's pay per play), and "fun" games like mario party, smash bros and such things are only on consoles. And if we look at the future titles for PlayStation 3, Xbox and Wii we're seeing the games are firstly released for consoles and after they do a port for the PC, or at least they're released at the same time. PC is losing they "gaming" capabilities, and that's a fact. Windows Vista doesn't seem created for gaming. Instead, looks created for general purpose operating system (i.e. working with office, chatting, surf the web), and a multimedia center (that's why MCE was vastly improved and lots of new features focus on media playing and sharing). That's why now I just buy a mid-range or low-end graphics card, because playing on Windows is kinda useless and boring. And as soon as I earn enough money I'm going either for a Wii or a Xbox360 About graphic processors companies (AMD's ATI division.. dah, sounds weird.. and nVIDIA), I don't think it will be the end for em, just take a look to the Wii, PS3 and Xbox360 GPU's.. yeah, ATI and nVIDIA are there. They just need to focus more on those markets, if Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo sells more consoles, they will continue earning profits. And the most profitable market for them is the value and mainstream. Their high end cards is just to show themselves as the "most powerful graphic card you've ever seen", or "nVIDIA: My e-{censored} is bigger than ATI's", or just a marketing thing, of course they sell em too, but the profit they get from em is far less than the profit of mainstream and value sectors. That's why Intel has a great market share on GPU's, not because they're powerful or something like that, just because computers with integrated graphics are the most sold.
  15. Did you connect the SATA DVD to the intel ICH8 controller? Did you set the ICH8 SATA to AHCI mode?