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  1. I'm not a pro, I know it works with XP...not sure about Vista....did u install iatkos 2nd...? There are some other threads about vista and iatkos dual boot...maybe they will work better.
  2. Back-Up Utility...

    I found something that works well...Just like Nero Back it up....It's called paragon rescue kit for mac....It backs up a compressed image of Mac and you can put it on DVD...I already made the discs and restored them once....It worked perfectly...Just make sure the partition is already formatted... Thanks
  3. What became the final resolution to this question? Is Norton Ghost (in windows) the best for creating an image/restoring a hackintosh? Does NG make a bootable CD or must I restore from within Windoze.?
  4. Back-Up Utility...

    Hey guys, I've been looking for a BackUp program that works like Nero BackItUp. With Nero, I can backup my entire windows drive on a bootable disc with compression....A 250gb drive is like 26gb compressed on 4 DVD's. Anything like this for Mac....I've read that Super Duper and CarbonCopy are popular but SD lacks compression and CC lacks metadata. Any suggestions?
  5. This worked perfectly...the rundown of what I did is here http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=142275.... Thanks everyone!!!
  6. Hey fam, It took me four days of testing and hair pulling to get my computer to work properly but I currently have a 100% working XP & OS X dual boot system...I'm writing this because I can hopefully help someone out with the easiest instructions I can give and also so I can remember what I did, lol. I'm a stickler for details and I especially want to thank Jae-V for putting up with me. If it was not for Jae-V, this would have never happened. System build completed 12-21-08. OS in Dual Boot: Iatkos 10.5.5i and Windows XP Pro Sp2 32-bit [sata AHCI enabled (NO-RAID support)] Hardware: 1. PSU - PC Power & Cooling 750w S75QB 2. Case - APEVIA X-Pider full ATX tower 3. RAM - OCZ PC2 6400 800mhz DDR2 2 x 2gb = 4gb 4. DVD - Sata Lite-On DH-52C2S-04 5. VGA - ASUS EN8400GS Silent/HTP-512MB Geforce 8400 6. MOBO - GA-EP45-DS3L 7. CPU - Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4 ghz @ 3.2ghz 8. Firewire - SYBA PCU 1394a 3 + 1 ports 9. Heatsink - Artic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro 92mm 10. Hardrives: a) Seagate Barracuda ST3250410AS 250gb x 2 WD Caviar 5000AAKS 500 gb c) Hitachi Deskstar 7K1000 HDS721075KLA330 (Also 1tb add'l seagate storage on the way) 11. I used a spare floppy drive I had hanging around and threw it in the case I can't guarantee anything guys; this is just what worked for me. My biggest problem was getting the AHCI support with XP but almost all those errors were user and not XP. I tried every technique on the net but only one worked. Please read the entire post before attempting anything. Details below. TRY AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! Installation steps: (some of these things are given but I'll explain it like everyone's 5) Bios setup 1. Assemble all hardware, lol 2. Immediately download the latest mobo bios (F10 currently) from the Gigabyte website 4. Put the bios drivers on a floppy 5. Turn on comp and enter bios 6. Start qflash, insert floppy and complete flash 7. Reboot and enter bios again 8. Adjust all O/C settings as desired (if anyone's interested I will post my settings but I think they can be improved) I) Make sure to give enough voltage to the cpu but not too much (my setting would reset to backup bios because the cpu did not have enough power until I figured that out) II) Also, make sure Ram is working (my setup hated the corsair ram I purchased but loved the OCZ ram) III) Enable C1E and TM2, DISABLE speedstep, memory latch = auto, manually adjust ram timing to the ram's specification 9. Save setting and re-enter bios 10. In Integrated Periphials, enable AHCI and enable Sata port 0-3 native mode Before XP Install 1. Have a floppy ready 2. On another computer, EXPLORE the mobo drivers disk 3. Put floppy in the "A" drive 4. Find menu.exe in the bootdrv folder and double click 5. Put the number for the Intel Matrix Storage Manager according to your OS's bit depth 6. Remove Floppy XP Install 1. Turn on computer and Insert XP Disc into Sata Cd-rom 2. Boot from CD and insert floppy disc 3. Press F6 as soon as it's offered (I pressed multiple times as sometimes it would not catch my 1st input) 4. Nothing will happen right away, Windows will continue to load drivers 5. When given the option to specify location, press S 6. Press enter and the floppy will load 7. On my system I only saw four options (this bummed me out until I discovered there are more options when using the up/down arrows to scroll) 8. Use the up arrow until there's the Sata ICH10r AHCI option (Not raid) 9. Press enter and leave the floppy in the drive 10. Windows will either load or give the BSOD; If you see the BSOD, check you bios settings the O/C may be too extreme 11. Select your partition but XP must be on drive C. If XP is not on drive C, there will be problems! (you've been warned!) 12. Finish installing windows like normal 13. On 1st XP boot, install the drivers from the mobo disc except the Sata Raid drivers 14. Install the VGA cards drivers 15. Reboot and XP should load perfectly (IF XP DOES NOT LOAD or FREEZES at the loading stage, check the bios and reduce the O/C values) Installing Iatkos 10.5.5i 1. Download Acronis Disk Director Suite v. 10 and Kext Helper b7 while in XP (put kext helper on portable device) 2. Reboot comp and insert Iatkos 10.5.5i disk into Sata cd-rom 3. Boot the disk and once it finishes loading click Utilities/Disk Utility 4. Select the drive (in my case) or create the partition using MBR a) MBR is in options under the big partition box on the left side 5. Click ok and when the operation is complete, close the window 6. Accept agreement and click CUSTOMIZE in the lower left corner 7. The settings I used for installation were: a) Iatkos Main System PC EFI v 9 c) AppleDecrypt d) Disable.kext e) OHR f) EFI String for your Graphic Card (in my case NVIDIA) g) Intel AHCI Sata 8. Install and answer questions; after the installation remove the OS X disc and reboot (OS X should auto-restart the comp) 9. Windows XP should then boot automatically (no option to dual boot) 10. In Xp, install Acronis Disk Director Suite 11. Reboot, then install the Acronis OS Selector (in Start/Programs etc) 12. Reboot and this time the options will show up (XP is shown but OS X says "undefined OS") 13. Right click Undefined OS and rename OS X 14. Double click OS X and it will boot 15. After boot, do not run any updates 16. Use the Kext Helper from the portable device and copy it to the desktop 17. Download the audio drivers posted by DonJuanjack on Aug 31, 2008 ( forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=123699&st=0 ) 18. Open the audio folder just downloaded and run the part that asks to be run 1st by dragging then dropping the linux codec on the patcher next to it , then open kext helper and drag the files from the 2nd part to kext helper 19. Type password and Install 20. Reboot and audio should work Add'l notes: It took me 4 days of trial/error/ and web searching to get this working. Now the 1st thing I'm doing is typing it all up; I hope it helps you guys with your dual booting lust. I have decided not to update to 10.5.6 because I always like to wait a month for people to say what the bugs are. It's better to have a running system than the latest brick. Some generic O/C figures: PciE = 100 Multiplier = 350 Ram divider (in advanced settings) = 2.00B Memeory latch = auto Enable C1e and TM2 and DISABLE speedstep Once again, I hope this helps and good luck fam!
  7. Hey zapp, I was all ready to go with vmware fusion but as I read more about it...I don;t think it will work...it says my hardware will become software and I have external devices I want to connect...using the firewire card for my audio interface. Will this progrma still work? Should I just do a regualr dual boot instead?
  8. Thanks guys! Per recomendation, I've narrowed down to using: still some questions though 1. q6600 2. gigabyte ga ep45 ds3L This mobo is on sale @newe99 for $104.99 with rebate to $89.99; will this work? I've read about people having alot of problems getting the mobo to not constantly reboot with the ep45 ds3l mobo. What do you think? 3. sata dvd drive 4. sata 1 tb and 500 gb hard drives (no raid) 5. OCZ StealthXStream OCZ600SXS 600W ATX12V / EPS12V SLI Ready Active PFC Power Supply 6. Newe99 does not have the nVidia 7300GT 256mb or ATI 2600 Pro graphics cards. What else can I use that's cheap? (not into graphics) 7. 8 gb ram ddr2 800 8. leopard 10.5.5 9. firewire card (can I use any firewire card?) How does this sound? Will everything work alright? Also, does 10.5.5 run bootcamp so that I can install windows xp in a dual system?
  9. Hey guys, I just joined this site and I have some noob questions: The plan: I want to build a stable quad core hackintosh with a: Core 2 quad q8200 or q6600, Dual boot with Leopard 10.5.5 and Windows XP, 4 or 8 gb ram, Sata dvd, 1 x 500gb sata hd, 1 x 1tb sata hd, 1 x 600w psu. I want to also o/c in the bios These are my questions: 1. I'm not sure which processor is better suited for a Hackintosh (q8200 or q6600) which one is better...any suggestions? 2. What motherboard will work for these processors, (one without soundcard and ethernet issues)? 3. What type of ram work with the Leopard OS? any? (DDR2 8000) 4. Will any sata DVD burner work? 5. Is there any problem running the hackintosh in dual boot? I only want to run general aplications and logic 8.0 and protools on the mac side. (not a vista fan here, my old programs don;t work on it and I still need to use them) 6. I'm not a gammer: I don't need a souped up vga or anything like that. Does 10.5.5 work with on board vga cards? Thanks guys...I'm very new to the (m)hacworld but everyone has one now and I need to catch up! Ha..