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  1. No luck yet. I've tried just about every GA plugin. I either get total screen corruption or no QE/CI. The next step is to try the GA plugins before fidling with resolution.
  2. Well, I deleted the display settings and it works again. So... don't try to sleep yet!
  3. Well, I decided to see how power management was working and I put the computer to sleep, it wen't totally to sleep (a new one, before the screen just dimmed) however it didn't return from sleep successfully. The screen never restarted. So I rebooted the machine and the driver is hosed... Odd. Safe mode --> deleted caches, still hosed. Oh well, I really don't have too much time to fiddle with it now, but clearly the driver is close to being functional.
  4. Wen't fine following his instructions to the T. You may wan't to check and make sure you've reverted anychanges you may have made in the past with ATI drivers. I know that when I tried to fiddle around with accelertion after I installed the driver, I got problems like you describe. Also, I have a dv8000z, probably not the most common x200 laptop.
  5. Omni's driver is out and it works fine just following the instructions on his site. http://omni.starchaser.org/
  6. Yeah, I'm using it. For me, it doesn't quite work, it calculates the battery percentage once then quits, so if you boot up with 80% power, it says 80% till it dies. It never calculates time remaining since it can't with only one reading. I'm too busy too look into it now, but I thought I'd let you know. Probably a simple fix required. I don't know if it adds any other power management features.
  7. I never got 10.4.5 working, but it was my first shot at it. I simply installed again and unchecked the 10.4.5 patch when I customized during installation. 10.4.4 booted only in safe mode for a while till I put the AppleOnboardPCATA file in several places, ran the chown and chroot commands on the files, then directories, deleted the two cache files, repaired the directory permissions and rebooted a couple times. I think I made a post about it earlier in this thread. Maybe when I have more time I will backup and try to upgrade.
  8. How Many Progs can YOU run?

    I don't know what you guys are talking about... I've had 60+ processes running in Windows for probably on the order of months without reboot. I'm a CS major and have been doing school work (software dev., papers, presentations, diragrams (Visio), gimp, etc.) non stop, I never close anything except Firefox when it gets funky (which it does on all OS' in my experience. I like OS X and all, but here I don't follow.
  9. ATI AC 97 Sounds (SB400) effort

    I've downloaded it, but haven't yet had time to look into it... I'm graduating in 2 weeks so that might give me some time.
  10. Good to know... As you can tell I can't read German.
  11. Looks like you need to go one tab right. You can generally see the info you need on the Device Instance ID tab as well. I used my graphics card, but they all look the same. In this case Vendor ID = 10DE; Device ID = 0281
  12. Just thought I'd chime in with my HP dv8000z here. (As best I can tell it's very similar to the v2000z/L2000 internally) I'm having a similar problem to the guy with the zd above. I can only boot in safe mode, otherwise I get "Still waiting for boot device". In safe mode I only found the AppleGenericPCATA in IOATA or whatever kext. I renamed it there and moved to .kext file from the other thread into both locations and deleted kextcache, but no luck. I also made the changes to the 80211 kext with the Device ID numbers I found in Windows XP, but no luck. Oddly enough, I had to make a similar change when installing Windows x64 on the lappy, but there I had luck. Perhaps it's because of safe mode? (But bluetooth works...) Edit: Wifi works, sometimes... What happens is that OS X will boot in Safe Mode and the subsequent reboot. I believe in the subsequent reboot, not safe mode, wifi works. However, the next reboot "Still waiting for root device". I also notice that in the first reboot after safe mode, a lot of text refering to kext files flies by like it does in safe mode. Perhaps something nefarious is getting reinstalled. Wish I knew more about OS X. Can anyone else chime in here? Edit dos: Well, I trashed the old kexts instead of renaming them and renamed the new kext both AppleGenericPCATA and AppleOnboardPCATA in both the extensions folder and the IOPCATA kext and it worked. Now like the rest of you I'm waiting for 1) Video 2) Sound 3) Power Management.