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  1. With Boot-132 I already have OpenHaltRestart.kext installed, I also downloaded the new version of it from psystars site - nothing works. I also tryed the poweroff bugfix more than two times, doesn't work. This thing is not related to CPU, how many cores are working, it's the graphics, because I could restart/shutdown normaly without having installed nvkush / nvinject / efi string
  2. Anyone? This is the only thing left that is bothering me
  3. Hey I'got my graphic card ( 8600 GT 256 MB Ram ) working with new NVkush and enabled Quartz GL with Secrets. I also tryed NVinject and it worked aswell. But after I install any graphic kext or add an EFI string for my card I can't reboot / shutdown again - my screen turns off but my laptop is still running. I tryed it in 10.5.4 and 10.5.5 version of Mac OS X, I use Boot132 install method.
  4. Hey I've been playing with my Dell Inspiron 1720 for the last 4 days and I've successfully installed Retail Mac OS X with Boot 132, but when It comes to KEXTS I have a prob. Does someone with a Inspiron 1720 / 1520 or similar with the P965 Express Chipset have any experience installing devices and what kext are needed to boot ( minimal )? The other thing is sound, I've tried tons of patches and diffrent linux codecs ( ??? ) nothing worked. Anyone got their 9205 Sigmatel working? The third and the biggest problem is shutdown and rebooting. It just doesn't work, my screen turns off but my PC is running. I've tried diffrent OpenHaltRestart.kext's and a couple of patches. Thanks, Matt
  5. Booting problem

    Hey I installed Mac OS X from a Retail DVD with Boot132 CD and got it working. I copyed Extra files and files from Library/Temp (from my last iAtkos 5 installation that worked,) on this installation ( I'm using the new efi 9 bootloader ). But when I boot I get this message and it just freezes, if I boot into GUI mode the round circle just spins arround.
  6. Hey Got my Inspiron 1720 working with iATKOS 5, I did a backup in Time Machine, If I click on Backup now or something that opens the GUI of Time Machine ( space screen ) it opens two Finder windows instead and freezes but if I continuously click on X on a window it closes after time. Anyone had same problem?