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  1. This is still probably one of the better less expensive solutions for a hackintosh. It's not that I don't know how - I just find it such a pain in the a$$...I don't know how many time I've had to help people with boot loader issues. I just feel that using the BIOS to boot multiple HDs is much more elegant and better suited to a system that is likely going to get "played" with a lot. For the record I have two 2.5" drives and on SSD in my MITX case (This size: http://mini-itx.com/store/?c=3#2699). I had plenty of room for the airport card as well...
  2. Partitioning drives is old school...get multiple drives and install each OS on its own drive with no other drives plugged in. Once all your OS's are loaded plug in all your drives and use the F10 key on POST to choose your desired boot device. As far as what to pick with iAtkos 5 - go back a couple of pages - its well documented.
  3. No need to be hasty but I did have a good laugh reading this...
  4. On my Gateway Laptop I require the PS/2 Keyboard fix to sort this out.
  5. Here are some further impressions with this board. First off let me say that my first Mac was a G4 bought on eBay for $50. Slow but it got my feet wet. Then I got a Mac Mini. My interest in OSx86 came from trying to load OSx86 o a Gateway laptop. I’ve had moderate success installing 10.5.1 variants but I've yet to get the Graphics, Audio & suspend working correctly so makes using it on a laptop fairly useless. (Plus 1024x768 on a 1280x800 panel is ugly) I've always had a fondness for mini-ITX boards (I've used the original VIA 533MHz & 800MHz boards extensively) so when I came across the Atom 330 board on eBay I just had to buy one. I have to say, installing iPC was a breeze. There are some minor glitches such as no suspend, or restart and I have to boot from the DVD but this is with zero effort. I'm certain that when I re-visit my install (and I will for sure) I'll sort all of these glitches out. I used the OSx86 box in its current state for a couple of hours last night. The system is definitely stable. Audio playback, 720p Video, a variety of XviD and H.264 encoded videos all playback just fine. Network access, AFP, SMB transfers work well. Screen sharing works perfectly (why can’t I find a Windows VNC client that gives me that level of performance???) etc... Overall this board makes an excellent workstation. And a couple of surprises too - this setup does two things better then my Mac-Mini! 1/ Safari has never worked right on my Mini. It is significantly slower that FF and it often fails to finish rendering web pages, even the Apple start page?? My OSx86 box seems to have a Safari browser that is fast and it renders all web pages I have visited without issue. 2/ I like paying Xplorers (Online board game - written in Java) and on my Mac Mini the right Audio channel is always garbled (Though movies, MP3s, system sounds do not suffer this issue). I assumed it was simply an Apple Java issue but to my great surprise my OSx86 box plays Xplorers with audio just fine! So other than raw horse power (my Mini has a T7600) my OSx86 box seems to be “better”. How is this even possible??? LOL Enough rambling...
  6. I'll sat xBench is not great on this board - mind you I've only been running for 8 minutes using iPC 10.5.6... I will have to say that UnaClocker is bang on - this is a great desktop board. User experience definitely surpasses that of my G4. My Setup: D945GCLF2 + 2 GB DDR2 CL6 + Seagate 5400.3 SATA + BCM4318 No tuning, no refining, just iPC installed and "WOW" it works just like that. I was curious though and did run xBench System Info Xbench Version 1.3 System Version 10.5.6 (9G55) Physical RAM 2048 MB Model Drive Type ST9160821AS CPU Test 28.86 Thread Test 104.58 Memory Test 72.14 Quartz Graphics Test 65.06 OpenGL Graphics Test 88.62 User Interface Test 30.29 Disk Test 29.62 I'm sure things could be improved...my CPU isn't reported correctly at this time (Says 4 GHz)
  7. Well - not all my parts arrived (PS, Case, DVD still missing) but I couldn't resist a trial run on the bench. Using a mini-pci BCM4318MPG (Gateway OEM) with a mini-pci to pci adapter. Used iPC 10.5.6, guessed at what drivers I needed, and installed. Out of the box no Restart / Suspend but shutdown and everything else works including Airport... Been running for 5 minutes and just had to post one more success with this board. UnaClocker is spot on when he says this board is very usable - feels great so far as a workstation. Cat's Meow!! When the rest of my parts get here I'll be building this unit in a case with a boot-132 setup. Maybe I'll use the iSynapse disk or do my own for the learning process. Maybe then I can figure out how to get OSx86 running well on my Gateway 6020GZ i855 based laptop... That's it for now.
  8. don123

    Post install problems on TM800 series

    I have the same issue on a i855/SSE2 Gateway laptop. I've determined the next line in the boot order should be the ACPI state so it stands to reason (maybe?) the ACPI driver needs an update. Stay tuned I'll post more if I sort this out.
  9. My personal favorite is using a mini-pci to pci adapter card with just about any BCM4xxx mini-pci card installed in it to get native Airport support. This works great on my G4s and has also worked well for osx86 on a couple of occasions for me (BCM4308 to be exact) In a seperate thread on the D945GCLF2 an ASUS WL-138g V2 was mentioned as providing native Airport support - I haven't tried this card.
  10. don123

    Installing OSx86 10.5 Leopard on ThinkPad T41

    PS/2 kext is for the keyboard and mouse to work after install :-) I used a usb keyboard to get it on... I found it on this forum - don't have a link, just search Install Kaly with the SSE2 option only.
  11. don123

    iDeneb installation on Macbook Pro

    Why not just install OS X? After all vanilla, updates, etc... are sure to work right out of the box. My 2 cents...
  12. don123

    How to install Kalyway without a DVD

    So if you have a running mac how does one do this? It would be a better alternative to burning DVDs every time I feel like experimenting with my i855 based laptop...
  13. No need to split hairs...When I get mine (Shipped Monday) I'll test the network perf and let you know my impressions. There's no reason I can think of that one couldn't best 100BT perf - I'm not saying I expect 400-500 Mbits, but 150-200 should be doable.
  14. don123

    Installing OSx86 10.5 Leopard on ThinkPad T41

    There is an 855 driver for the video card but its for 10.4.1 and I've yet to make it work. Simplest way to get something on the T41 would likely be Kaly 10.5.1 + PS2 kext I've read a couple of threads on this very model already - its all been done b4 - you should use the search... PS: I have a Gateway 6020GZ which is also 855 based - I have no trouble getting 10.4 or 10.5 "running" but lack of a graphics driver and proper AC97 operation sort of makes it somewhat painful and frustrating.