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  1. [How To] GMA900 with QE and CI support on Leopard.

    Hello, I was attempting to install Mac OS X to my notebook, Dell Inspiron 1300. I've got an iDeneb 10.5.5 version. Notebook config: chipset - intel 915, graphics - intel 915GM/910GML (8mbytes) processor - intel celeron M (1,6GHz) with SSE2 All installation completed successfully, but when i ran the OS first time, it showed me the blue screen. I thought that happened because of my incompatible video, so I tried to load the kext for 915 gma manually on startup. I haven't found appleintelgma900.kext in /system/library/extensions/. So i used ...gma950.kext instead. The system booted normally, not with hardware acceleration (no CI/QE), but at least i could see my desktop . The next time i restart OS the same thing occurs, and i had to load the kext once again. I tried many ways to convince my OS to load it on startup, nothing helped . The method described in this arcticle didn't help, i'm seeing the same blue screen if i don't load the kext manually. So i ask your help. Can you give me an advise, about how to convince the OS to load this kexts on startup? ( 1. my vendor and product id are present in ...GMA950.kext/plist.info, they are - vendorID=0x8086 productID=0x2592. 2. i tried to clear the kext cache, generate it with "kextcache -k", repair permissions and then reboot. No result . )