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  1. It list all the Scandinavian languages under Keyboard; Swedish, Danish and Norwegian. That must be a sign, and some rumors said it soon would be available here. I think it will be a 3G version.
  2. Yes, please help us Du er norsk, hvor fedt
  3. Yes exactly, I've tried to boot my OS X Tiger too, and it can't regonize my drive, because it's SATA. And we aren't alone with that problem. But please explain "format & make bootable hd for leopard" more
  4. Hi everybody I've downloaded the Leopard image for AMD, but I can't get it working. In VMWare, I've tried both -x, -s, -legacy etc, only with -legacy an actually gui boots up, but it stays at the Leopard background with a spinning cursor. And I've waited for hours, and no screen popup where you can continue the installation. When I boot native on this laptop: HP Pavilion dv9045ea (Danish model) 1024 MB DDR2 RAM 160 GB SATA harddrive (2x80GB) Nvidia Geforce Go 7600 with 256 MB dedicated RAM I can't even get to the gui, it stucks at the text prompt. What should I do? Thank you very much for looking at this
  5. New AMD DVD for leopard

    I've downloaded an ISO file, named 'Leopard-AMD-10.5.1.iso' But I can't get to the installer. Some times it shows a grey background with a spinning cursor (colored one), other times it shows the Leopard Universe background with a spinning cursor, but it never shows the installer. I can only see the background in VMWare, when I'm booting native on my laptop, it don't move on. I've tried F8, and wrote: '-legacy' (works "best"), '-x', '-s', '-v' Please help me, thank you Specs: HP Pavilion dv9045ea (euro) AMD Turion X2 TL-52 1 GB DDR2 RAM Nvidida Geforce Go 7600 with 256 MB dedicated RAM 160 GB SATA hardrive (2x80GB)
  6. Tripleboot: XP, Vista and OS X

    Nice guide. But when I've done the step in that guide and I can boot between OS X and XP, should I just install Vista on a third partion, and will Vista so make a bootmanager, who can boot between the 3 operatingsystems? -Jakob
  7. Tripleboot: XP, Vista and OS X

    Thanks for answers! What did you mean with chain0 method? OK, I install XP first on the C-drive (first partion), then Mac OS X on D (know that is number 2 partion and end Vista on the E drive, and so I have an F data drive and a G dvd drive. But what should I do when I have installed OS X? Please tell me what I should do!!! Thanks alot for your help Regards Jakob
  8. Hey! I have a HP Pavilion dv9000 laptop, who has Media Center 2005 preinstalled. I can't get clean cd's, just some recovery {censored}. But I have two 80 gigabyte harddisk (160GB!), if I use PartionMagic to make 3 drives out of the first 80gb harddisk, so I have 25 gb to XP, 10 gb to Mac OS X, 20 GB to Vista (45 GB in all). The rest 35 gb I could use as data-drive with the other 80 GB, so I have an 115 GB drive to files. If I'm needing to install XP first because of the recovery {censored}, should Vista or OS X installed after? Give me a point to point guide, thanks! And which bootmanager should I use? The best will of course be, if I could use Mac OS x bootmanager or Vistas? Or what about WinGrub. I'm a toally newbie to that OS X!! Please help me, and sorry my not so good english (yet), i'm just 14 years old and come from Denmark Regards Jakob
  9. Thank you! It still won't boot. But I will reinstall it today, what should I do? I mean should I install the 1.07 drivers? Will I so get 1440x900 in VMWare? R. Jakob
  10. thanks for your replies;) The problem is that Mac OS X don't will start now, it's just hang after it's load something. How could I come in to the system wihout to reinstall? When I boot up in VMWare and type: ?video, I get a long list of supported resolutions. Before in System Preferences there was only 1024x768. Now there is from 320x200 to 1920x1440, and many crazy resolutions. But I can't find 1440x900. Please help !
  11. Hey! I have just installed Mac OS X Jas image and it's worked nearly perfect. When I boot I could use Mac OS X normal, but in a bad resolution (1024x768), my notebook has a widescreen with 1440x900 pixels. So I installed the Macvidia drivers and the system won't boot now. It's that because VMware emulate their own graphic adapter and not the physical in the system (Nvidia Geforce Go 7600). How could I get the 1440x900 resolution in VMWare in fullscreen? Which drivers should I install? Please help My notebook has following specs: HP Pavilion dv9045ea AMD Turion X2 TL-52 1024 MB DDR2 667 MHz RAM 160 GB SATA 5400 RPM (2x80 GB) Nvidia GeForce Go 7600 with 256 MB dedicated video memory Thank you, and sorry my bad english, I'm 14 years old and come from Denmark! Best Regards Jakob
  12. Hi, I have the same problem, and get Virtual Machine Kernel Stack Fault in VMWare, but when I boot from the dvd, I came to the install. It's something with VMare? I use JAS Image 10.4.6
  13. Triple boot?

    Ok, thank you, but in which order?? XP, OS X, Vista? XP, Vista, OS X? Vista, XP, OS X? Vista, OS X, XP? OS X, Vista, XP? OS X, XP, Vista? ?
  14. Triple boot?

    Hey! I have downloaded the JAS Image (I think , but I want to triple boot, so I have a bootmenu, with these three contest: 1. Windows XP 2. Windows Vista 3. Mac OS X or: 1.Mac OS X 2. XP 3. Vista etc, just a menu In which order should I install? If I make 4 hardrives (I have 80 GB): 1. XP (10 GB), NTFS 2. Vista (15 GB), NTFS 3. OS X (15 GB), mac os x volume image!!! 4. A FAT32 disk, with files, with a size about 40 GB! Please help Regards Jakob
  15. Thank you for you reply, I have another thread (http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=23355), where there is a picture of the error message. Others says something about a path there are on the dvd, but isn't installed. Please help me after you have seen the picture Thanks, and sorry my bad english Jakob