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  1. I wanna give a big thanks to Tseug for making a great how-to and a perfect script. Installation went flawless, keep up the good work.
  2. Do you think this guide would work on a GA-EP45-DS4? Thanks
  3. 4890 and 4870 X2

    Yea i read that. Do you guys think two cores will be working in the future or is it a closed road?
  4. 4890 and 4870 X2

    It seems like 4870x2 is working with some fixing now a days. I really would like to request a howto for the beginners. Would that be possible for someone to write? Wich files do I need and how do make the card to work. Thanks for the good work guys.
  5. I have a problem with my installation and can't really make out the problem. All my hardware it working without any error exept for the Network-card (I think). I can surf the webb, send and revieve emails and use ssh and ftp. But I cant see my shared folders in my airport extreme, or the airport extreme or express in the airport utility. Works if u run windows or on my MBP. I use DHCP, does that have anything to do with it?
  6. I would just like to make a big thanks to the wonderful tutorial. Helped me allot and also works great! Keep up the good work! /nopee
  7. Extended fdisk is a partition application wich allows you to change/add/remove/activate your connected hardrives. I have a nice bootcd with it. Search for Hiren's Boot CD. I think my version of it is 7.9, and as you may understand, extended fdisk is included. good luck.
  8. Hi denied. I had the same problem as you and i solved it quite easily. I used extended fdisk and noticed that my bootup drive wasn't set as active. Changed that and rebooted. Now it works nicely.
  9. JaS 10.4.6 Install dvd

    Good point there! I'm currently around 84% now, and I started the download around 24 hours ago. I have seeded my share @ 10mbit and will continue with it up when im finnished. Would be nice if more people could do that for the community.