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  1. Weird double NAT problem

    Speed, ping, reliability. It was impossible to open ports. Torrents were the biggest problem. What should have taken a few hours took days. And running an HTTP server would have been out of the question. It turns out that my landlord did have a VOIP phone, he just didn't understand what I meant when I asked him, I guess. I put his ATA in to bridge mode, turned off DHCP server and NAT, and then reset it and the router. I had done this several times before with no joy because I didn't reset the router, only the ATA. Resetting the router remotely by clicking "save" at the bottom of the first page (as I recall) resets the device. After that, everything was great! Until the router died about a week later. I've just moved out of that place now. The nightmare is over!
  2. I don't know too much about this particular area, so I'd love some help if someone has any ideas. I rent a room and use my landlord's internet. I noticed there was a double-nat problem, because a traceroute revealed that there was: So I asked my landlord if he had two routers set up and he said no. It's possible that someone else on the network is using a router (or a voip router), but would that effect the connection in this way? Is there a way to bypass their router? Both routers use default passwords so I can make changes if necessary.
  3. MSI Wind and widescreen dual display

    Thanks AppleIIGuy. I found that app on another message board a few days ago it does seem to do the trick. The image doesn't look as good as I expected it to. I can see doubles of things, very very faintly. And the colour isn't perfect. Is this because it's VGA? I can live with it but I just want to know if it's the timing parameters or if it's a limitation of the VGA. And SwitchResX does seem to be free, at least for the time being. Here's the timing parameters I used, for anyone else using SwitchResX: Pixel clock:106.47 Horizontal, Vertical Active: 1440, 900 Front porch: 80, 1 Sync width: 152, 3 Back porch: 232, 28 Blanking: 464, 32 Scan rate: 55.92, 60 Check vertical positive sync, uncheck horizontal positive sync. You may need to adjust your monitor settings to move or unstretch the picture.
  4. MSI Wind and widescreen dual display

    Thanks for the replies everyone! I guess the problem lies in Mac OS X not detecting my monitor properly, probably something die to this specific model. Is there a way to manual select a resolution instead? I bet there is a file somewhere I can modify. If anyone knows anything, please don't hesitate to reply. Thanks!
  5. MSI Wind and widescreen dual display

    Since noone has a specific answer to that, I'd like to ask this: 1. Is it possible to have widescreen over VGA? 2. Has anyone been able to get their monitor working at 1440x900 using their Wind or other hackintosh over VGA? Thanks.
  6. I have an MSI Wind with OS X 10.5.5 installed. I used this driver for the graphics. It enables dual display, but the native resolution of the monitor is not displayed in the preferences (1440x900). The monitor is a Proview 19" lcd. I'd really appreciate any help. Thanks!