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  1. kontroversy

    ATI Radeon 6xxx, working QE/CI

    Could anyone who got the files do a quick re-up? Great work on this, super excited.
  2. kontroversy

    GeForce 200 series support

    Bump... Anyone using one or more 260/280 now? My main concern is multi-mon support.
  3. kontroversy

    10.5.6 Released!

    If anyone on a dv9000 with iatkos 10.5.4 updates let me know how it goes. I have always been afraid to update, I havent even doen anything just straight from the disc.
  4. kontroversy

    Deleted Post

    Lmao... Obviously the troll has come out from the forest.
  5. kontroversy

    Wise to buy a Mac Pro now?

    Has anyone guessed as to what the price of the new MP will be? And if it will even have two quad i7 or just a single?
  6. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this? I am using the USBWirelessUtility with a belkin wlan adapter. After about 15-20 min at my max bandwidth I get a panic.
  7. kontroversy

    Wise to buy a Mac Pro now?

    What about the price do you think? The current base 8 core is what I have enough for. Will the price be well over 3k for the base 8 core i7? I still need two monitors so I am not sure if the wait will even make a difference if I can afford it anyways. Let me know what you think.
  8. kontroversy

    Wise to buy a Mac Pro now?

    I think you are right, my C2D 2Ghz is showing its age and going to school for 3D animation is making it even harder. It will be a touch wait, especially with the cash in hand. I hope I make it!
  9. Would it be wise to buy a new MP 8 Core now? Or worth the wait for the i7? I hate to go on rumors, but if they are out in jan-feb it would be worth the wait. I would hate to spend $3000 and 2 weeks later a better model be released.
  10. kontroversy

    HP Dv6000 & Dv9000 Intel Only

    Who is using the dell truemobile 1490 in their dv9000? I am about to order one and I want to make sure it works (iatkos 10.5.4). Also anyone have the headphone jack working?
  11. kontroversy

    NVinjectGo w VGA OUT

    No one posted on this eh? Can anyone tell me what I need to change for my 7600 go?
  12. I have a NETGEAR WG511T as well as a Proxim ORiNOCO Gold a/b/b. I have used both in linux, which will be easier to get working in OSX?
  13. kontroversy

    Booting from seperate hard drives

    how did you get supergrub to work with the osx? Sorry I couldn't get it working, typing from iPhone LOL
  14. kontroversy

    Booting from seperate hard drives

    Im booting Ubuntu from the second HDD with GRUB no problem. Trying to boot OSX from the same drive is getting tricky. I am going to try a few more things out then check out SuperGRUB. Thanks.