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  1. fusionne

    NVIDIA Quadro FX 570 - ANY UPDATES?

    For your 82566MM, you can use the kext from here: http://techresearchinfo.blogspot.com/ But since you posted in the LAN and Wireless category, you might not get as much attention to the questions regarding Quadro FX 570 as if you had posted in the Graphics Card category. Could a mod move this there?
  2. fusionne

    Dell OptiPlex 755 anyone?

    Actually found one issue... restart works fine but shutdown only halts the system, does not actually power down. Anyone else have this issue on the OptiPlex 755?
  3. Here's a thread where the OP did a similar swap: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=139501 You can attempt it, but OS X may not like the change from 2 -> 4 cores. Haven't done a swap like this myself, so not sure where the problem lies yet.
  4. Both the E6400 and QX6700 the OP was switching between are 1066MHz FSB CPU's. Other than the unlocked multiplier, the QX6700 (Kentsfield) is basically two E6700's (Conroe) put together. So unless he's overclocking the new CPU, the only factor could be the change in # of cores. FWIW, I went from a Q6600 (Kentsfield / 2.4GHz / 1066MHz FSB / 8MB L2) to a Q9550 (Yorkfield / 2.83GHz / 1333MHz FSB / 12MB L2) without even a hiccup, but both had 4 cores. Was also using Vanilla 9.5.0 kernel.
  5. fusionne

    WORKING! Intel PRO/1000 (8254x) Drivers

    Just did a reinstall with Boot-123 and a retail 10.5.4 DVD and the 8254x (at least 82545GM) drivers are included in the base install. So if you use a retail DVD instead of a hackintosh specific DVD, and have a PRO/1000 MT, no extra work.
  6. fusionne

    Intel PRO/1000GT Network card

    Try the drivers from Small Tree: http://www.small-tree.com/gigabit-ethernet...nload-a/198.htm Not sure if they make a replica of the Intel PRO/1000 GT yet, so that may not be included in those drivers, but those will work for the MT, PT, etc.
  7. Here's the PCI and PCIe (Mini and standard) adapters I was mentioning, along with a horde of other adapters: http://www.adexelec.com/pciexp.htm They're on the expensive side -- http://www.orbitmicro.com/global/pciexpres...pter-p-771.html -- so it's probably not very economical.
  8. fusionne

    Dell OptiPlex 755 anyone?

    Running 10.5.5 on an OptiPlex 755 with a Core 2 Quad Q9550... Using iDeneb 1.3 10.5.5 DVD, I installed without issue and didn't need to select any additional components. Just have to make sure "SATA Operation Mode" in BIOS is set to AHCI. Also, BIOS A11 seems to support Mac OS X better than previous versions. Used 82566MM kext from http://techresearchinfo.blogspot.com/ for the onboard 82566DM2. Audio is not working yet, but http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=64754 mentions our chip -- the ADI 1984 -- so that may work. Vanilla 9.5.0 kernel runs fine and have been able to install official updates.
  9. Is it a MiniPCI, MiniPCIe, Express Card, PCMCIA, or ...? If it's Express Card of PCMCIA, there are cards that let you slot these into regular PCIe or PCI slots on a desktop (such as http://www.provantage.com/startech-pex2ec~7STRP0FP.htm). If it's MiniPCI or MiniPCIe, I have found some cards that let you slot these into PCIe or PCI slots on a desktop, but it will obviously not have a bracket, will be much taller than a regular card, and will need some sort of support fashioned inside your case. And then you'll need to find an antenna that can connect to the socket on the PCB and run it outside your case.
  10. Yes, that would disable all but one core. But it would definitely tell you if the # of cores is causing the problem. You can also try to boot into safe mode with -x. In either case, use -v so you get a verbose output instead of the Apple logo... you'll be able to see where it hangs. I did have a few issues with switching to a Yorkfield, as it opened up some additional options (VTd, etc.) in the BIOS, which when enabled screwed up VMware and Parallels. It's unlikely that this is the case with your system since you're still using a Conroe/Kentsfield, but you might want to see if any settings changed in your BIOS with the new CPU anyway.
  11. I was able to swap a Core 2 Quad Q6600 (Conroe) with a Q9550 (Yorkfield) with no issues. I would think that your problem is stemming from the fact you're going from 2 cores to 4 cores, since you're still using a Conroe CPU. Try booting with cpus=1?
  12. Thanks! Confirmed this works for my 82566DM2 on a Dell Optiplex 755.
  13. Hello all... I wasn't able to readily find any kexts for my Intel PRO/1000 MT Server Adapter (PCI/PCI-X) here in the forums. After a bit of searching I found an OEM (Small Tree) that actually manufactures Intel PRO/1000 replica cards for Mac's. I downloaded their driver package and voila, picked up the card perfectly. Here's the link: http://www.small-tree.com/gigabit-ethernet...nload-a/198.htm I did note that there were some device ID's in there that conflict with the 82566MM kext from TechResearchInfo, which I still needed for my onboard 82566DM2. I would recommend removing the duplicates from either, if you require both kexts installed... this works fine for me. One quirk if you use the package to install: if your system no longer makes it to the login screen when you reboot to complete the install, boot into single user mode (with -s) and delete the Small Tree folder from /Library/StartupItems/