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  1. @Imac_2009 - Thanks for the compiled Kext - I tried but was having issues installing - yours works great! EDIT - Scratch that my volume keys aren't working anymore?! @Doix - Have tried the new DSDT - seems better than before - USB3 working much more reliably now as well - iPhone still doesnt work in them but drives/usb sticks seem quicker to mount and my USB3 HDD runs full speed Thank you for that!
  2. @DoiX - Now theres a question! I know I chose the 'disable nvidia' option that removes the kexts to stop them loading, bootloader was as normal didnt have DSDT/SSDt at first, since added SSDT for speedstep, used their audio kext (Voodoohda 2.7.2 I think - have since changed back to your pack/DSDT to get it labeled right) USB3 kext (PCXHD - 1.0.10 I think is installed) don't think there was anything else of note - bar PS2 kexts etc. It wasn't anything special I chose as I'm not that clever ha ha. Only thing weird is it seems to like graphics enabler but haven't noticed anything different from having it disabled. Did have to use the EFI/Device string from your pack to get the FullHD display correct. System mostly works at that point, like I said USB3 is flawless at that point, but sleep/restart are dodgy and bluetooth isn't found - I assume this is USB related oddly) Using your DSDT improves battery life due to the powered down Nvidia, and I guess you did something about USB as bluetooth is detected - but the USB3 ports are a bit tempermental again. I did try compiling a DSDT myself, but got hopelessly lost ran into errors!
  3. @Doix I just installed a fresh iAtkos ML2 and was pleased that more or less everything worked without the DSDT, no idea how or why but the other thing I noticed was the USB3 ports are flawless! I added your latest DSDT to completly disable the nvidia card, and the USB3 are back to being iffy... However sleep and restart work (Which didnt without the DSDT...) also the fn+f4/5 works for brightness I have tried versions from before the nvidia off but restart and sleep stop as do the brightness keys. Any chance of a up to date DSDT without anything USB related - I wouldnt know where to start myself!
  4. Well I was just good and bought Windows 8 (windowsupgradeoffer.com works - no proof of purchase needed and it costs £15 in UK for 8 pro) Installed on the spare HDD. Lasted 2 hours and I've swapped drives back to good old OSX. I'll keep it on the drive in the caddy to play Guild wars and WOW but can't see the appeal right now especially on a non-touch device... Install for Win 8 is trouble free BTW if anyone is going to test it out!
  5. Just wanted to check all was ok with you - wasn't hassling!
  6. @DoiX - are you ok? Not seen you post for ages? Anyone had any progress since the modded bios came out?
  7. Usually on A06 as most compatible, right now on A11 as using windows for games more. Only difference is sleep doesn't work on a11. Made the stick by following the guide on here a few pages back - check my posts and you're bound to find it - I've had lion and Mountain lion since the beta via this method. Did you do know the system can't boot from a HDD in the caddy though? Have to boot from USB/SSD to get to the boot loader menu then you choose the HDD and all is fine. I have Mac OS on the SSD and HDD split for windows 7 and storage. Windows has to be installed with the drive in the main bay not the caddy or it fails the install.
  8. I have ssd in main bay and hdd in caddy, never used the optical drive to install... Just create a USB stick use chimera/chameleon and never had an issue? On another note anyone got 10.8.2 yet? Not at home tonight so haven't tried yet.
  9. You need to patch AppeIntelCPUPowermanagement.kext - without a working install you could try dropping nullcpupowermanagement.kext into /system/library/extensions from a windows install (with macdrive etc to read the mac disk?) and boot with -f -v. On Nvidia, unless DoiX has made any progress I think it's safe to assume that it will not work for the foreseable future under Mac OSX.
  10. 10.8.1 is out... anyone tried it yet? Once i've backed up I'll have a go later, expect usual process to work...i hope
  11. I had an issue with my mountain lion install, was going to wait for release and try again but as its the same as GM I can stick with my (mostly) working install. Everything seems OK, except for two things: 1) On waking from sleep the keyboard / mouse stop working - I'm sure this is a common thing, never happened on Lion and didn't happen on ML at first - any ideas what I might have changed? 2) Sometimes after restart I cannot boot, just get the folder icon on the grey screen. If i reboot with -f -x it usually will boot, then i repair permissions and rebuild kextcache and all is good, however i boot with UseKernelCache=No so didn't think it was used? Annoying issues, and I actually went back to windows 7 (well OK more for WOW and Diablo to use the nvidia lol) but i just hate windows! @DoiX - haven't checked the other sites but is there any hope for the nvidia on the horizon?
  12. Hmm, I used aitkos l1, selected options from the guide, use the lion battery.zip in this thread (search for it it's there somewhere) and all is good. I'm not sure what the error is... I always get told then forget it lol I think that kext is needed for accelerated graphics... Not too sure never had to remove it myself. USB 3 is hit and miss, with the Kexts in the pack it works ok for a while then seems to stop, never looked into it properly. Might be worth going straight to mountain lion anyway if you have access to a mac to build an install USB...
  13. Welcome! A few things have moved on but the guide on page six gets updated frequently, and is the best start point. Can you define bad results? Do you get the installer to boot? What errors etc then we can help you!
  14. Hey! Why not check the mountain lion 10.8 installation forum! If you can get the GM you follow the guides there - Only install from *beast* the following kexts for install:- Nullcpupowermanagemnt and FakeSMC - you may also install PS2 keyboard mouse kext at this point. Once mountain lion gets released...ie on/after the 25th July I'm sure more guides will show up.