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    Propellerhead's Reason 4.0 works! Kway

    yeah after looking around music production forums I'm realizing that. I never though that it would be so easy! I figured that Apple would be a little more stringent on their software since they lock you into everything so avidly.
  2. ready4thebreak

    Crash after updating to 10.5.5

    I too am new and I really don't find updating really to be worth it yet. I can understand in your case for video acceleration, but I've seen MANY more issues with the updates than successful updates. I'm tempted to do it, but I think it's better I don't. You should probably just downgrade the OS. I'm a moron and don't know about troubleshooting an issue like this, so hopefully someone out there can help you. But I have a feeling that inevitably downgrading the only perfect fix. Best of luck!
  3. This may be posted in the incorrect topic, sorry. I'm in love with these forums now! I'm new, so I'll start by saying thanks to all the helpful members of this forums and creators of this project. I'm coming over from Ubuntu and this has been a lot of fun. The main problem I've had with Ubuntu though is the lack of popular recording programs and Wine works, but never to the degree that was satisfying. I have an old Dell Latitude D600 that I had laying around with a 1.6ghz Intel Pentium M w/ only 512mb of RAM. It has a Realtek AC97 onboard audio. And using K-way 10.5.1 install if that matters. I installed Reason 4.0 build 905 without the slightest issue! Installed so quickly that I was nervous and skeptical of it working, but to my surprise it was flawless. Demo song loaded right up and played every track perfectly. It seems too good to be true. The Wiki of OSx86 says that 3.0.5 was the supported version(If you contribute to the wiki, it should be upgraded). Although I did quickly throw my AKAI MPD16 into it without seeing if it needed any special drivers and no luck. But that could just be because it has propriety drivers. Now onto Ableton Live 7.03!