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  1. ok I am sure this has came up before. However I am hoping I missed something I have a amd phenom 9600 and best I can tell it supports visualization however I have no options in the BIOS. I have tried unlocker v120 but I still get the cpu shutdown error when trying to boot even a snow leopard image. Any help would be great, Thanks, yonu
  2. I have the same issue on my vaio VGN-N325E I have yet to find anything that solves the issue for me so if anyone has an idea i would be very grateful. Thanks, yonu
  3. ok here is my question I am hoping someone can help me out I currently have a dualboot setup going with xp/win7. So I decided to transfer my iportable setup from usb to the main HDD well I have done this several times. I have tried the bootfix that is included I have used gpartd to change the boot flags around I am utterly confused. I have even went asfar as to wipe the hdd(imaged it first lol) and do a fresh reinstall of everything. if anyone can help i would be very greatful. Thanks, yonu
  4. compaq v6101us

    I have managed to install however I have yet to get a successful boot try instaling from a usb hdd/flash drive
  5. compaq v6101us

    does anyone happen to have this running on a compaq v6101us or other amd/nforce based v6000? if so what did you do to get it to install and boot properly Thanks, yonu
  6. install from usb hdd?

    ok i found the guide and it boots from the disk however I get a no such file or directory error for startup items then I get a unknown SIGSEGV Code 0 I get this error if i install from dvd or from the usb drive I am installing to a compaq v6000 amd mdel if this maters Thanks yonu
  7. What is required to install from a usb hdd as my dvd drived is messed up and I want to install from a flahdrive or usb hdd Thanks, yonu
  8. I have a simple quesiton as I am not up on OSX drivers but I know that there is not a 845 driver for anything above 10.4.1. My queestion is has anyone tryed the 915 drivers on a 845 card I know that intel says the 915 drivers work on the845 in linux so I just thought that the 915 drivers might also wortk inb osx inplace of the 845 driver.
  9. [HowTo] Intel 8xx 1280x800 Full Support

    I have a 4:3 monitor and i will give it a shot this evening and let ya know mainly what i am trying to do is when i switch from LCD to external monitor the os frezzes any advice on this?
  10. [HowTo] Intel 8xx 1280x800 Full Support

    Hi I would like to find out what i ned to do to get my 845GL working QE is not that important i am mainlay after a higher resolution than 1024x768 i am using 10.4.5
  11. hi i have installed the powermanagement bundle on my dell inspiron 1100 and it works somewhat sometimes it gives me battery reading sometimes it doesn't it also doen't allow sleep an advice would be great
  12. battery meter

    I have a simple question where and is it possible to get a battery meter for osX x86 i keep dying while working on stuff off of the battery and would like some type of battery meter perhaps i simply keep missing it but i can't find any option for one in the system
  13. has anyone managed to get any of these cards working
  14. ok i got it ched and all and when i try to kextload it it tells me not a kernal extention
  15. ok got that now this is even stupider who do i ch it to root?